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4 Shout for joyto theLord, all the earth,

burst into jubilant song with music; 5 make music to the Lord with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing, 6 with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn—shout for joy before theLord, the King. Psalm 98: 4-6

As we come to the end of the week, I felt that we need to really spend some time just really focusing on the amazing praise we give to God. I know that some times we really get caught up in the craziness of this new week and by the end of the week we feel completely whipped and exhausted. That is not how it should be. As we are going through the week, we should be able to really take hold of every experience that we have had in order that we can sing praise to God for the blessing of the week. I know it has been rough for some of us. I am right there with you. But I have really started thinking that that is satan's plan to really tear us down and exhaust us so that we cannot give a joyful praise to God for what He has done this week. We do get caught up in the negative of the week and sometimes forget the true blessings that God has revealed this week. Just to let you know where I am this week, God has been answering medical prayers in my life. God has given me some amazing time with my daughters as we are driving to school in the car. The conversations are once again filled with joy and laughter. They are no longer escaping into the World Wide Web every second of every day, but I was truly able to see their faces and have amazing conversations. I will take that form the chaos and sing that as JOY to God.

See it is so easy to complain. It really is easy for us to find the negative popping up around us because we are not looking for the good. We just assume the good is what it is and we have truly forgotten the blessing. I mean, today I woke up and had a roof over my head, electricity in my house, clean running water, clothes to wear and food to eat. I know that it may seem so routine to get up and do the norm that we forget to rejoice in God's blessing. I know that may be hard for all of us.. me included, to get over and say God thank you. I have begun waking up every mourning as soon as my eyes open and saying thank you God for another day. Thank you for the blessing of this life and may I honor you by my life today. May

you be my Audience of ONE and may everything that I do help lead others to find you. When we are asked to make noise, it is not something that God does not hear. To God, when we lift our voices and spend time in glorifying His name, God is able to hear it like a symphony of angels singing like a mighty chorus. We are called to give praise and thanksgiving as a part of our discipleship. We are not to live in expectation of what God is going to give us today, but we are to live in such a way that we are to BLESS GOD... not expect a blessing from God. There is a huge difference in the way we worship. Is it for us or is it for God? Is it for our benefit or for God's glory? Are we seeking only for ourself or are we willing in humility to give ALL of ourself back to God in praise?

Today, we do not have any idea who wrote the Psalm, but we are able to truly feel his passion and fullness of his worship to God. I love the first words that he uses. The writer says SHOUT to the LORD a new song for he has done marvelous things. WOW. He is not saying use your inside voice. No he is saying that we are to go out into the world and SHOUT to the LORD. Use the top of our lungs and allow God to feel the joy that is encased in our hearts. The Psalmist is celebrating the power of God's presence in his life and he wants EVERYONE to know about that relationship he has with God. What about you? Have you ever felt so much joy that you want to go and SHOUT TO THE LORD. I know that was a powerful worship song in the 90's but what a powerful fullness of exuding God's presence in our lives. The Psalmist continues to encourage us to lift up our story through music to God. We are to celebrate the love and the grace and the mercy that we have experienced through our voices and literally through ANYTHING that we have to give HIM praise. We could whistle, hum, sing, snap, clap, or do anything. When I say to make a joyful noise, I am saying that it is not the sound or the perfection of the music we offer, but it is truly comes from the attitude we give towards God. Real magnifying worship comes from the center of who we are- not the music, or the way that hold up our hands and not how we dance, but real worship is a deep inner expression of our heart moving towards God to Magnify him.

So today, I hope and pray that you will take the time that we need to take to truly celebrate the JOY that God has surrounded us all with this week. I know that there has been chaos and uncertainty and I am not trying to make that seem as though it is not important. My plea is that we don't allow satan to steal the true JOY that God has surrounded us with this week. Fight the easy way to see only the negative and realize that God has done so much more good and take time to SHOUT THE JOYS back to God. Release all of that anguish and frustration to the GOD who can lift us all out of the mess that the world has pressed into our lives. See the promise of your life that God has placed in your hands to go and make a

difference in the world. Look at the opportunity to take hold of another day in hopes of sharing the JOY of God to others through our beautiful, spirit filled noise. If you read the entire Psalm 98 today, you will realize that God is already created a choir to sing to him through the seas, mountains, and the rivers as a reminder of what God has given to us through the freedom of salvation. We need the world to hear our story. We need to help others find this hope and freedom and JOY. Scripture tells us that if the ones who have a voice will not cry out then God will cause the ROCKS to cry out. All things have the ability to lift praises to God. We are considered to be God's greatest creation and we need to make a joyful noise to share the truth of God's salvation that has been made known to us through the life of Christ. SHOUT FOR JOY TO ALL THE EARTH THAT THE WORLD MAY REJOICE!

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