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24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24

As we end the week, I just wanted to take some time of reflection from this past week's amazing Easter and the hope of what is to come. I know that my prayer and my encouragement for all of us is not to allow the fire of the message of Easter to die one week after the celebration, and I will continue to hold on to that every day of my life. But as the Masters is being played this week in Augusta, God just hit me between the eyes with the fullness of our devotion to Him verses our devotion to the world. Now please understand that I am not saying anything against the Masters golf tournament today, I was just inspired by God to speak on the understanding of what is mastering our lives. Since so many people all over the world are tuning into this tournament because of the international presence there, God just spoke to me this morning about the power of allowing God to be the true Master of the all things that matter in our lives.

Easter was the true point of God announcing to the world His final victory over sin and death. God opened the doors and tore open the veil in order that we could have an opportunity to come, once again, into community with God with a deeper connection. We no longer have to bring sacrifices that we brought or bought on the way to the temple. We have been given an open line of communication that allows the Creator of all things that

ability to communicate with us one on one. We have been able to see the power of a God that can overcome our sins and our shortcomings and through His blood, break the chains that continue to snare and entangle us. We all have masters that we allow to continue to control us. Masters that we may not be able to see, but continue to direct our actions and our thoughts. Masters that continue to cause us to stumble and fall without any thoughts of the ramifications that may pull us away from God. Such masters as our schedules, debt and addictions that gives us excuses and pull us away from God. Masters that we have willingly submitted our lives to and give authority to without consciously even recognizing the control these worldly masters hold over us. The true freedom that we receive from Easter is the fact that we no longer are tied to these masters unless we choose to give them control. The problem is the we are so ingrained that we cannot even see how bad off we truly are chained.

Today, we have stepped back into one of the early times of Jesus teachable moments. We are able to watch and see how Jesus is setting us up to recognize the true mess that we have actually gotten ourselves in prior to His arrival. Jesus is not only speaking to the people around the Mount, but He is also helping to resonate to us the life lessons that we need to carry with us each day. Lessons that allow us to see the Gospel message in a brand new light. A message that helps us to step out of the muck and step into the freedom that Jesus was going to provide. But see these words from the Sermon on the Mount were meant to encourage us to help others break free from the things that ruled over their lives as well. Jesus came into the world not only to break the physical bonds that hold us, but the mental and spiritual ones as well. Jesus challenge was obvious in that we cannot serve more than one master regardless of what it may, time, work, etc. If we attempt to do so our hearts and minds are split and that is the best way that satan works. Satan's goal is to divide and conquer and the best way to do that is through causing us to split our devotion away from God and into other worldly things. Jesus is not saying that we cannot do other things in life, but the reality is that we have put other gods before God and they have become the masters of our lives. We may not want to admit it, but it is similar to when I ask my girls to clean their rooms or do their homework, they will do anything and everything else before they submit to doing the one task they were given. Instead, we will find anything and everything to do instead of giving our full devotion to God. We will split our attention in so many directions that some days we don't even know which way we are going.

Jesus recognized this struggle and spoke to us directly on how to overcome the masters in our lives. We must fully decide who is our master... Jesus or fill in the blank. Yes, I know that Jesus used money as His primary example today, but what I am saying is that we can fill that space with so many other things. One of those masters still is the decision that we make to

be a part of the community of faith. We must begin to overcome these masters by surrounding ourselves with others who will pray and hold us accountable. In order for Jesus to become the Master of our lives we have to be willing to lay everything at His feet. We have to be willing to surrender and recognize the best way to gain our lives in Christ is to lose the control over our lives the world has held. I just hope and pray that this week we have been so inspired to change the world that we live in. I pray because the doors of the church have reopened, we are not going to fall back into the chains of the masters of this world. When we were unable to meet we had such a yearning to come together and now that the doors are open, we feel as though we can choose when we want to come. NO! That is the world mastering your thoughts. We are to open our eyes and realize that all of this happened as a weeding of the fields. It is a testing of our truth faith to recognize what masters our lives. May the same passion and desire that made us yearn to come back to community inspire us to desire the same community every day. It is time to give over these things that control our lives back to the MASTER of ALL things. But the reality is the decision is ours to make!

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