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14 Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.15 I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.16 Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.17 Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.

John 13:14-17

Little did we know that this would the beginning of the final days of Jesus' days on earth. I am sure that on this day, the disciples never would have imagined all of the situations that were about to unfold. I am sure if they knew and understood, they would have spent every second taking in every word of Christ. If they would have known, they would have tried to protect more and go a different route, but on this day, we celebrate the beginning of the end of our journey that leads us to the Upper Room and the table where communion was prepared for the first time. If we could just be a fly on the wall to watch their reactions as Jesus expressed things that made sense and others that made no sense. I can only imagine the frustration and confusion of Judas as he sat at the table knowing what he was about to do. Just imagine if he had not fulfilled his calling of turning Jesus over to the guards. Imagine if we would have really seen the power of evil in Judas' life and the grace of Jesus to encourage him to fulfill the scriptures. What about the washing of the feet? I wonder how they truly felt that Jesus, the Messiah, was breaking all of the customs and saying that all I have to anoint is your feet to prepare for the journey. Then there was the journey to the Garden of Gethsemane and the inability of the disciples to stay awake. Did they not understand what was about to happen? Could they not recognize the last moments that were about to lead to our Savior being arrested, denied three times, and beaten to an inch of death. The back and forth from Pilot and the washing of hands. The voices of the crowds that had just days earlier cried Hosannah... they were now calling for Him to be crucified and Barabas to be freed. Maundy is coming.... are we ready?

Are we ready to strip it all down to the basics of who and what Jesus is? Are we ready to publicly confess that Jesus is the Savior and the Messiah or are we going to deny that we even know Him before the rooster crows? Where would we find ourselves in the grand scheme of God's plan that had to unfold in order for the grace of the Father to flow over the cross for our sins? I just wonder if we realize how holy the day really is. Jesus is seen to be who Jesus was created to be. The veil has been lifted and He is who we say He is. He is the

Savior and the one that is going to be abandoned by the world. Jesus is standing with the truth on His side and no one is still able to believe it. Others actually begin to curse and the holy leaders of the day, the preachers of the day, call for one of the worst sinners of the day to be released so that Pilot will have to call out the verdict. Jesus is stripped and beaten to an inch of His life and placed before the religious leaders wearing a robe and crown of thrones. Can you feel the pain? Can you see the amazing present of Holiness that is standing before us waiting for us to once again proclaim the sentence that He knows that will lead to His death. He is not running. He is not fearful. No, instead, He is standing before us in a weakened state but continuing to give glory to God and asking for our forgiveness through His sacrifice.

We see John's recount of these moments that led Jesus to be condemned on a cross for the sins of the world, and I cannot imagine what that had to feel like. I cannot imagine how the King of Glory was able to show restraint in the face of pain. How the Savior of the world stood and continued to carry the burdens of the world. I am humbled just thinking about the hours that seemed to be like days, but flew by because there was nothing we could do to stop it. I read John's words and they truly shake me to my core and they remind me of the HOLINESS of God. They remind me of the POWER of the SPIRIT of God found in EVERY WORD written. I am hopeful that the GREAT LIGHT will shine through the darkness and what seemed to be the beginning of the end, became the greatest victory of all time. There is no doubt that Jesus was not the Messiah and the Son of God. There is no doubt that He loved us unconditionally and through His payment, opened a way for us to experience the love of God in such a different way. Those who had followed Him for three years fled. The one that said He would never leave Him, denied Him three times and ran away in horror. The world was standing on edge to see what was about to happen and the simple answer is that God was about to speak through His silence. God was about to release the greatest gift to the world and none of us really knew how to receive it.

So today the challenge is simple. Be a Messenger of the Easter story. As we once again watch as the story unfolds, tell the world of the glory of God. Tell every person that you know of the free gift of God's grace and love. Spend time holding on to the truth of God and allowing the world to truly see the real story. Do not be afraid or hide the holiness of God's

story in your life. Let the world see the LIGHT through YOU. Easter is not just one day, but every day since and we have all been given an amazing opportunity to let the LIGHT shine in the darkness. We can either fall into the same pits that the disciples did and neglect our calling and run away to hide, OR we can boldly tell the story to the world and allow others to step into the grace of God. We have been given a gift and a story to tell and this world is in desperate need of allowing the story to unfold in their lives. There is no longer a time that we need to ask... we need to GO and TELL. Please understand that we are standing at a threshold that the world needs for us to step across in order that the truth can be heard. Stop waiting.. Maundy's coming and it is a celebration of the life and journey of Christ. Father not our will but YOUR will be done. Father, Here I am. What can I do for You today? Amen.

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