• Jason Wade


Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

I have said this many times in my life but attitude is everything. How we are willing and capable of approaching each day begins with the attitudes that battle within us. If we wake up each day confident and believing that the world owes us something today, then we cannot be surprised when the day may fall short of our expectations. When we wake up angry and determined to win the battle, don't be surprised when we come home more beaten, exhausted and with nothing to show for the day. However, if we wake up each morning with the attitude of humility and servanthood, don't be surprised that God will stretch you beyond your borders and fill you with a peace and joy that so many will not be able to understand. Today, the word that Jesus is teaching us through His wisdom is the word MEEK. Now, I can almost bet that most of our students today will not even recognize the image of the woman that illustrated meekness her whole life. She was dedicated to helping the poor and showing the love of God to every person that she encountered. She battled governments, fought for the needy and literally inspired the world through her servant attitude. She never once looked for anything in return, but dedicated her life to the earth and she is the pure definition of today's beatitude. Ladies and gentlemen meet Mother Teresa.

Growing up I would see stories of this amazing woman who dedicated her life to the ministry of the Gospel to the poor all over the world. Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu was fascinated at a young age by missionaries from the stories she heard in church of their mission trips to Bengal. At the young age of 12 she committed her life to Christian service and at age 18 joined the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland in order to learn English with the intention of becoming a missionary. In 1929 she moved to India and began her missionary service that ended 6 months after she retired due to declining health on September 5, 1997. Throughout her life

she was awarded many accolades and awards but none of them mattered to her. Her main focus was to love those that others were unwilling to love and she dedicated her life to serve until God was ready to bring her home. She was not a tall, strong, and financially secure person, but in her meekness, in her humility, she was able to become the strongest voice and advocate for those in the land that were in need. She had more power and authority in the lands than any government official. Because of her servanthood, she was able to go into places that no other missionary was able to go and she gave all of that glory to a humble heart that was filled with the power of God.

In the teaching of Jesus today, I pray that you can see where Jesus was going here. He was not saying that we have to be rich and powerful to make a difference in this world. Jesus was saying that the meek in spirit, those that are willing to die to self and be raised to life in Christ, will have the ability to go throughout the lands with the name of Jesus with no fear or boundary. When Jesus says, "Blessed are the Meek," He is showing us the importance of the attitude of humility when we do anything in this life. Remember the churches that we attend, the ministries we are apart of, the missions that we serve are not ours. They have never been ours, but they are claimed in the name of Jesus and the reason they are able to reach the land is because of the humility of those who lead. I have seen tons of ministries that have grown in number but have been very shallow in their foundations. The reason is that they are built on the leader. Once the leader has left, there is no sustainability. They have built it on themselves and not on the foundation of God. I have told myself this all of the time that my job is to work myself out of a job. To train adults and students to lead and continue the ministry regardless if I am there or not. That was the model of Jesus. Jesus did not come to seek power and fame, but to show how to serve in humility... how to show how being MEEK can be STRONG.

Remember it is all in the attitude in how you serve. If you are looking to get accolades and pats on the back then meekness is not your forte. Meekness is the ability to do the job in the name of Jesus regardless if anyone knows you are doing it or not. Through meekness the doors that may be closed to others will be opened. The meek will inherit the land does not mean we are going to take ownership, but that we will be free to carry the Gospel into places that would otherwise be impossible without the servant's heart. Why do you think that there is so much revival going on in Africa right now, and not in the United States? One reason is because people are at a point to where they have no where else to turn but to Jesus. They are at a point to where they have given everything to God and now God is

giving them the land. Unfortunately for us, we have it all as far as the freedom of speech, freedom to gather together in a church with air conditioning and heat. We have everything we need to help those in need 100 times over, but unfortunately we have not taken hold of the meaning of meekness in our lives. Meekness is NOT Weakness but the ability to break down barriers with the Word of God that the world has constructed to hold God back. I pray that today you will take some time and read more about the life of Mother Teresa. She truly is an example of a disciple that lived out her life through the power of meekness. We can do the same if we are willing to sacrifice the ME for the WE. Remember the Scripture in Luke 10:2 that says, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field." God is seeking the meek today to go into the harvest land. The time is now... who is ready to serve?

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