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5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time.

1 Timothy 2:5-6

If you have ever traveled to London you have heard the phrase "Mind the Gap". It is a phrase to warn passengers of the gap that stands between the train/subway and the platform as you are exiting to leave or stepping to board the train. The gap is the small two feet of space that separates one side from the other and many people have fallen and actually died because of that small space. I bring this to our attention today because I really do want to make us all more aware of the space that may seem so small to us but is a large chasm for God. The gap that has been formed because of our sin that causes separation from us and God because of our inability to live a holy life. This gap/chasm is also a representation of life and death. While we stand on the one side, we fail to realize just how detrimental it is that the gap continues to get wider and wider the more the we choose to live in sin and not ask for forgiveness from God. The gap may seem very minuscule until it comes to the reality of eternity. Many have lost their life to an eternity separated from God because of the gap that was formed when sin entered our lives.

One of the greatest points that I want to make today is that there is a way to bridge the gap. There is a way that we can reconnect one side from the other and the simple answer is to mind the gap. WE have to think through the choice that is freely given to us to accept the grace of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. That is right. We must decide to receive the free offering that will allow us to find a way to go from where we are to where God is in eternity. We must be willing to receive the sacrifice that was placed on the cross so that the gap would be filled. And I guess that is where I truly struggle with the choices that people

make. We know that the gap is there... we know the there is a solution, yet we choose to wait and "live our lives" trying to find another way around what is right in front of us. The obvious solution is there, yet we still try to build, jump, or unsuccessfully navigate a course to find a different solution. And just to let you know, those other solutions will definitely lead to death and an eternity separated from God. We cannot buy our way into heaven with good works. And yes, I understand scripture when it says that good deeds are the result of faith in action, but you have to make the decision to fully trust in God and then the works become a result of your faith. They are ways that help to show others the way to mind the gap and receive salvation through Christ.

In our scripture lesson for today, we see Paul once again writing to Timothy and encouraging him to preach the Gospel in all of its fullness. Paul reemphasizes the truth that we have someone that is willing to put their life on the line so that we can cross the great divide. There is someone that is willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in order that we can no longer have to mind the gap. Paul tells us that God gave us a MEDIATOR, someone to stand in the gap, between us and God. Jesus gave Himself as a ransom so that we could have the ability to once again come into a full relationship with God. There would be no strings attached and the void that had separated us from God is now filled with grace, love and mercy. And just so you know, this ransom was paid for EVERYONE. Jesus did not come to mind the gap for some and not for others. No, Jesus came to give us all the same opportunity to have freedom from death and to live life eternally with God. I need us all to hear this today, we still have to make a choice whether or not we are going to use the bridge that has been placed in front of us to help us across the chasm of sin and death. This is not a get out of hell free card, but an opportunity offered to us through God's grace to reconnect to the Creator. Understand that price for grace has already been paid, but we have to be willing to receive it into our lives.

I close today by asking you how far do you honestly believe that gap is in your life. How far away is too far so that you will actually start contemplating changing your life to mind the gap. For some it may be inches and for others it may be miles, but I promise you if we try to cross it without Jesus the results will be the same...death and eternal separation from God. The gap is an eternal disconnect and we need to work together to help others to see the bridge that has been given for us so that we can all experience eternity together with God. Today for my final image I am going to present to you a part of the Romans Road. It is a way

to help others to see the gap and recognize that chasm that has become a separation from God to us all. I hope and pray that you will look at the picture and see where we are and where God is in the picture. I hope and pray that you see the gap that divides us and in your mind you finally see it clearly that the ONLY way to God is through Jesus. I pray every day to help others to see the truth and today is no different. I am praying that maybe today is the day that it all clicks and you finally see just how separated we are from God because of the sin in this world. I know that we did not make the first mistake, but we have made a good share of our own decisions to follow sin and not God. Today can be the time that we change all of that and lean into a life filled with God's grace.... MIND THE GAP... and let's cross that BRIDGE together.

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