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23 Then he turned to his disciples and said privately,“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.24 For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”

Luke 10:23-24

Have you ever questioned what you have seen? I have. There have been many times where I knew that something was in my peripheral vision and I wondered if I had seen what I had seen. For a good story, April and I had bought our first house. We were the 5th house in the new subdivision and there were fields that separated us on the backside of our house that allowed us to have a little bit of city and a little bit of country. We could go on the front porch and connect with our neighbors and see the lights on the street and then if we wanted to escape we could go on the back porch and actually see the stars and feel as though we were a million miles from anywhere. Well, that didn't last too long. Suddenly a contractor bought the fields behind our home and began clearing them to start a new subdivision. Well one of the things they don't think about is all of the animals that call that field home. Well, let's just say that we got to meet our fair share of field mice that But I say that because the first one that had gotten in our house I saw as a blur. I could see it from the corner of my eye that something was moving but I could not be truly sure what I had saw. It is a strange feeling but one that drives home a very important point today.

What do we truly see when we see God? As we continue down this road together daily, are we missing valuable teachable moments because we are unable to bring into focus the things that God is trying to show us. Similar to the mouse in my house, we see things from the outside but we really don't understand how that can truly come into focus for our lives or our calling. We continue to question is that really God. Is God really calling me to do this and we begin to step back and wait to see if it was real. I say that because the mouse was

real and I believe that God is trying to draw you into seeing exactly what God has been trying to show all of us what we are supposed to do all along. We push it out because it is not like the norm. We put it to the side because we are waiting on more valuable evidence for it to be real to us. But maybe it is our vision that is skewed and we really don't want to bring God into focus. If we are able to keep God on the peripheral than maybe just maybe we can feel better about ourselves for not taking action because we can claim that we really didn't fully understand what we were seeing.

Today we see a really good example of how Jesus was trying to once again teach and open the eyes of the disciples. With the story of the 72, we see how Jesus had prepared these people to go out into all of the countryside and preparer the fields for what was to come. This is before the disciples were sent out to do the same thing so I was wondering why were the disciples not the first ones to go? Well it was because they still were struggling with what they were seeing. God could see directly into their hearts and knew that there was a battle within them that they need to see for their own eyes how Jesus was going to accomplish His mission. Even though they had seen Jesus already do many things, they still were trying to figure out how this was all going to be possible. So Jesus being Jesus showed them in a physical manner. He sent out the 72 two by two to prepare the fields for the harvest that was to come. Earlier in the scripture, the 72 returned with great joy telling about how even the demons were submitting to them through the authority of Christ. And the disciples were in awe. He turned to the disciples and said privately, blessed are you that get to see what you see. You are in the inner group and I am revealing to you all of the secrets to the kingdom of God. You are seeing everything... there is no backstage acts... there is no hidden agendas... you are seeing everything plainly and because of what you are seeing and hearing you will help to change the world.

So it all is left up to us.. Do we believe what we see or do we continue to think it is something that is not real? Are we able to come to the Father with open hands and say God even though I cannot fully see you, I am willing to let go and allow you to open my eyes to see what I need to see. Stop playing the games where you act as if God has not already revealed to you something in your life and step into with full assurance that God will continue to show you what we are all called to do. And the reality is that it is not a vision problem, it becomes a head and heart battle. We see what we see but the heart and the

head continue to battle to try and help us determine if it is true or just a mirage. Pray to God today to ask for discernment in a way that will allow you to see CLEARLY and without a doubt the next steps in your journey. I know that it is gonna to take some time, just like me to realize that those mice are real, but once I knew what I was looking for they never was a doubt again. We did not kill the mice, I caught them and took them to different parts of the county. But I did realize that to truly follow God, you have to realize that the things that are not clear will take time to recognize as truth. I pray God will open your eyes to see exactly what God needs for you today. Don't MISS the MOMENT because of the uncertainty of the world.

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