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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

23 The Lord makes firm the steps

of the one who delights in him;

24 though he may stumble, he will not fall,

for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:23-24

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact I love to break down that word and look at them as mis takes. It means that we chose something wrong and need to back up and try again. I really wish that I could tell you that I have never made a mistake and I know how to handle all aspects of life, but we would all know that that would not be true. I wish that I could tell you that after one mistake, I did not make the same mistake twice.. but we know that is not possible as well. Mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth. We are able to see many different ways of how NOT to do something until we hopefully get it right. But the true learning process is in the journey of learning the answer and applying it in our lives. I know that it is hard to believe that multi-millionaire baseball players are considered almost great if they are able to have a .400 batting average, but take a moment and really look at that statistic. We have to recognize that means they didn't get a hit or struck out 600 times out of a 1,000. That is not even 50% and we pay to watch them play. Trust me I am not picking on baseball because if someone was throwing a ball at me at 100 mph, I probably wouldn't even get an opportunity to swing the bat without the ball already being in the catcher's mitt.

What I am bringing to light today is the fact that we have such high expectations of the world and others and most of the time fail to allow even a little wiggle room for mistakes. I fully understand that when people make big mistakes that there should be repercussions, but I also believe that God allows us grace and we should do the same for others. It does not

mean that it will not take time to overcome, but it does mean that we don't throw everything away just because of the mistake. If that would be the standard with God, there would only be three in heaven... God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. No, there is something that God has taught us that is better once we have made a mistake. But it does take a big person to admit that they are wrong and messed up. There is a humility factor that is attached to the love from God that must indwell in our hearts if we are truly going to be sorry for our actions. It is in the admittance that we made the mistake that is the hardest part. Our pride continues to get in the way so many times, but when we finally take hold of our error, the healing process is ready to begin. I have seen people who will argue and fight to the death over them having to admit that they made a mistake. It blows my mind. Now, on the other side, just because we admit the mistake it does not mean that everything is ok either. We still have to walk through the growth process and recognize the power of God's grace.

In our Scripture for today, we are able to see that David is looking at the difference between those who live their lives according to God's purpose and those who choose to live in evil. David has been on both sides of that coin and has witnessed how living a righteous life in God can defeat giants, provide joy and help others to do the same. On the other side, David made his fare share of mistakes. He coveted another man's wife, tried to cover it up and paid a dire price because of his choices. Yet, we still recognize the lineage of Christ through the bloodline of David. Many people would have written David off and never would have thought of the possibility of God continuing the journey with David.... but God did. Why? Forgiveness and grace. David finally realized the error of his ways and paid a high price with the death and destruction that came with his mistakes. But God still loved David and recognized his contrite heart and blessed him with restoration after a time of restitution. We are al going to make mistakes in this life... many mistakes. It is not in the fact that we are going to make the mistakes that matters, but the way that we handle the situations that arise because of our mistakes. A prideful heart will continue to fall and a humble heart will draw strength from God. Look at the verse again. The Lord makes firm our steps, those who honor and take hold of His words and teaching. We will not fall, but we WILL possibly stumble. It is all in the reaction of our hearts and minds.

Our true challenge today is really two-fold. First, I believe that we have to take the first steps of being truthful and admit the mistakes that we make ourselves in life. I know that it is never easy, but it will begin a healing process for the soul. Secondly, we have to be able to show the same grace and forgiveness for those who make mistakes as well. One of the hardest lessons we learn in this life is the ability to forgive and truly forget through grace. Trust me I know it’s not easy, but it is a step in our growth process as well. We all make mistakes every

day of our lives. Some that may only affect ourselves and some that will truly effect the lives of others. These mis-takes gives us an opportunity to grow in humility and grace. They are able to allow us to recognize our faults and receive restoration from God and others. Growth is the goal and as mentioned earlier, the process is what helps us to learn and be better all together. Take a look at the mistakes and see them as opportunity to grow and help others to experience God’s love possibly in a new way as well.

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