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12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:12-14

I have had many moving days in my life. Being an army family, we always had to be ready to pack and move, but it has never been easy. It is one of those days that you dread because you know that there are things you just don't want to do. Drawers that have been filled with items that you have always said that you would always clean out but you just kept packing more and more and more stuff gets shoved in and we open the drawers and realize all the things we have failed to do along the way. It is not a bad thing, but it does allow us to stop and remember the part of our journey that we were soon to forget. Tiny objects that meant so much to us and reminded us of an amazing experience, now relived in the matter of a second. Moving day also gives us a chance to see just how much stuff we have. Stuff that may be a possibility to get rid of if we are willing to let it go...but that is one of the toughest parts of our lives. Boxes, boxes and more boxes line the halls with words that hopefully will remind us where things are supposed to go. Items that give us a hope and feeling of safety because it is fully ours and we have pieced it together like a puzzle as it lines out each room in just the right way.

However, moving day is not just one day, let's be honest. It really consumes multiple days and even though it seems as though you are doing net to nothing, it quickly consumes your day-physically, mentally and spiritually. Moving day is filled with so many different emotions from laughs, stories, frustrations and sighs. Knowing that it will be engrained in your

memories for the rest of your life. moving day provides such an opportunity to truly spend some quality time with God reliving your journey and dreaming of what is still to come. Each box as it leaves or enters a room is filled with the fingerprints that you and God have used to change the world. Some are filled with pain and sorrow... others are filled with joy and triumphant. Sectioned boxes that show us our own intentionality as boxes are filled with specific items that we need to use the room to the fullest potential possible. Some things are possibly trinkets that we know may never work out and other items passed down from generation to generation that has been used and used and continue to do exactly what it was created to be. If you have NEVER moved, I will tell you it is an experience that we all need to do a couple times in our lives to remember the journey along the way.

As we are moving closer and closer to the next stage of our journey with a new ministry year, we too have the opportunity to move. WE have the same chance to move away from the old adn step into the new. We have a chance to look at the memories of how God brought us to this point and dream about what is to come. We have a chance to really take a look at the things that we have boxed up and categorized and see if it is something that we need that will help us to optimize our opportunities, or is it something that was used for a specific season and needs to be held in storage for a little bit as we step into a new room with new possibilities. As Paul is writing this letter to the people of Philippi, Paul is reminding them that God is the one that his been directing this move of His people. Paul had already planned his life to the fullest and then God showed up and redirected his journey. God boxed up or discarded all of the things that just didn't need to be there and said I have a new opportunity for your life. It did not mean that Paul had not led an amazing life filled with memories, but it was truly an opportunity for Paul to let go and let God take control. It was a chance for Paul to show the people of Philippi the need of letting go of some things and stepping fully into others. He has had a moving day experience and realized that he may not be exactly where he wants to be on the journey, but he is exactly where God needs him to be on his journey. Moving day continues to show that is not something that is physical, but a spiritual experience that helps us to honestly recognize God's true plan.

Today you may be ready to experience a moving day. You may be ready to finally let go of the past but allow the past to fuel your journey into the future. As I have mentioned before, I have been in so many different places in my life-mentally, physically and spiritually- but when God is ready to move... you move. When God is opening up the door for change and you

continue to desire to stay where you are, please recognize the growth and opportunity of joy you have missed because you cannot let go of the things that continue to hold you down. Maybe you just need to box them up for a season and allow God to teach you new gifts for the next part of your journey. Maybe you need to go back and find some of the passion that you had as a youth or a child for fully trusting in God and reopen that box that you have kept in storage until the day you felt you would need it again. Forgetting what is behind, we press on into the next steps God has in store for us. Forgetting what is behind, we look forward to being stretched and molded into a new creation. Moving day is here and I hope and pray that you are ready to not say comfortable with your faith, but look for new ways of allowing God to help make even more memories that we put in that box called YOU. The time is now and I will continue to pray for all of us as we move together into the next steps of our faith journey together. It does not mean that we have to leave our physical place, but maybe we have to let go of the hold we have and allow God to move us in a new direction. Looking forward to seeing how life continues to move us when we let down our guards and follow God's plan.

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