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9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

I know that it very hard for us to believe that our lives are a bigger part of God's plan. I know that there are days that many of us are just satisfied with making it through the day and not even being a part of what God has in store for the world. But I have to admit that it is when we are able to stop and take an honest look back over our lives that we truly realize that we have been an integral part of God's Mission. I have heard many people say that they cannot figure out what God's plan for their life is, and I respond to them that God's plan for your life is to be you. Many times we are so caught up in trying to fit a particular mold that we have imaginarily created thinking that this is God's expectation. For example, I remember when I was in middle school I planned to get tan. Yes, a ginger like me really wanted to go out and get tan. I honestly thought that if I was than, more people would like me and I would fit in. Needless to say that I experienced the first of case of sun poisoning. I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do to change my status and to change my world. But I soon found out that was not a part of God's mission for my life. I know that this example seems a little off when it comes to discerning God's path, but I use it as a reminder that some times it is not meant for me to try and change the way I am created to fit the world, but to allow the CREATOR to use me to change the world around me. It was a very valuable lesson I learned that day and I hope I never repeat.

So how does this fit into your life you may be asking. Well, quite honestly, I am asking all of us today to realize that everything that has happened in our lives has been a part of God's mission. The good, the bad and the confusing all add up to things that God uses to form our lives for the purpose of reaching other for the transformation of the world. I know that we

have talked about this before, but I want to bring it back around. You don't have to be a preacher in a church to profess the gospel and help extend God's mission for the world. God has equipped us all differently with gifts and abilities that will allow us to reach into this diverse world. If you have been given the gift of teaching, through your life example you are fulfilling God's mission by pouring into the life of others. Teachers are not just ones that help with book knowledge, but live out a life of servanthood by helping others to succeed. If you have the talent of cooking, God will use your abilities to show hospitality to others and thus fulfilling part of His mission for us in this world. Whatever you are and however God chooses to use you, you have an environment that God can use you to infiltrate the world. Even if you are a student and go to school, virtually or in person, you are surrounded by others who may never darken the doorsteps of the church, but have been impact by God through your ability to show kindness, grace and mercy. If we are fully open to God to use us as a vessel to change the world, it does not matter where we are... our life becomes part of His mission.

As we look at Peter's letter today, we realize that the Church was being persecuted and many people were waiting to see how God was going to change the scenario. They were waiting on God to change the outcome, but God was waiting on them to act. Even in times of adversity, God is with us but is also waiting on us to step up and step out. Some many times it feels as if we are playing a waiting game because we want God to show us the way, but the truth is that we have to step into the situation in order for God's plan to be fulfilled. We just have a mindset that God has to show us the way first before we step into the unknown. Peter is encouraging us to realize that God is not slow fulfill His call or promise, but that we have to step into the situation to realize that our actions are part of the solution God desires. I know that seems so backwards, but as I look through my life I get it. As I look over the times of joy and the other times of confusion, I look back with a clearer sense of how God was using my situation to fulfill His purpose for me and to help others to encounter God in a different way all together. We just have to continue to walk by faith and not by sight. We have to be willing to realize that we are right in the middle of what God is calling us to do and just like those in the early church, we may face uncertainty and chaos, but that is part of the journey that we need to step through with courage to recognize the fullness of God's mission. As Peter writes, "God is patient with us." God is waiting on us to catch up and realize just how much we are a part of the bigger picture. There is no way that one person, other than Jesus, has the opportunity to transform the world without all of us being a part of the plan.

So our challenge today is to recognize our part of the mission. We need to see what part of the mission God is asking us to partake in at this stage of our journey. We all need to recognize the sphere of influence where God has placed us. If we are at a job that we have had for a long time, we need to recognize that God placed us in those people's lives to walk

with them through maturity. If we are a particular school, God has planted us on that mission field to plant seeds, water others and even weed the garden for those struggling to find

hope. If we have been changing jobs a lot and not able to find a good place to land, maybe God has put us in that place only for a season so that we can plant the seed and someone else will come behind us and water and nurture it. When we look in the mirror today, I hope and pray that we will all take a second and realize that we are a part of the mission of God. Our lives were given this day as another opportunity to change the world. Even if we completely miss it today, and we fail to fully understand our call, tomorrow will provide for us another chance to help fulfill God's overall plan. Please do not take whatever stage you are in life lightly. I have watched children and senior adults lead revivals that completely changed the world. We just have to realize that our lives are not our own, but have been created by God to fulfill His purpose. What an exciting moment when we are able to look back and see how God used others to pour into our lives, and how God will continue to reach others because of our willingness to pay it forward. My Life is part of God's Mission... I just need to remind myself each day of the possibilities that can be achieved for God's Kingdom.

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