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12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12-13

I remember growing up and my dad telling me that old familiar saying of my day, "Son you cannot always walk through life with blinders on." You know that I struggled for a very long time to understand what in the world that meant. I mean I knew that I could fully see, and I knew that I was very capable of understanding everything that was going on around me...or at least I thought I did. This saying from my dad was speaking to a deeper understanding of knowledge and discernment in our lives. It was my father's attempt to help this person with pretty perfect vision realize that I was totally blinded by what was going on in the world. I remember when I finally understood that saying better telling myself that I had been living a life and completely missing the beauty around me. For many of us, we get caught in the process of truly being so focused on our own lives that we are totally blinded to the amazing story God is revealing around us. It is not that we cannot see physically, but the fact that we make a very large choice not to see anything else that is not relevant to our lives. We have a goal in mind and a path that we want to take and that is the only thing that we can see. In fact, I have seen people completely walk past a person in need, not because they wouldn't help, but that they were so ingrained in their own personal needs that they were honestly blinded to reality.

We notice that people who live in these types of bubbles fail to realize when their world is honestly falling down all around them. They are so caught up in their own personal story and oblivious to the destruction that may be happening all around them. Some people call this tunnel vision, but I like to call it personal blindness. It is not a real physical condition, but one that has severe consequences if not taken into consideration. We all fall into this category from time to time. We may not want to admit it, but it is a condition of our personal

blindness. We are incapable of seeing the things that may be happening, and we claim we cannot see it, then we believe it did not happen or it did not exist. And then we run into the wall of reality and act as if we never saw it coming. And for most of us we didn't. We lose a job, a friendship or relationship may fall apart, all because we are literally unwilling to open our eyes to the realness of the world that is around us. On the other side of this coin is the people who truly are physically blind. They are capable of seeing more things than those whose vision is perfectly fine. Scientist say that are bodies are able to overcome the inadequacies our bodies may have by being more super-sensitive in other areas. For example, a person that is deaf is able to feel the presence of others and read their lips and have perfect knowledge of the conversation. A person that is blind may have a heightened sense of hearing or touch and a memory that helps them adapt to the adversity. God created the human body to be amazing, but some times we choose to allow our inadequacies to be a crutch instead of an opportunity to overcome.

In our Scripture for today, we are watching as God is beginning to reveal Himself through the power and life of Jesus. Jesus begins to describe himself in 7 different I AM statements that completely throws the religious leaders of the day into a tizzy. Jesus literally begins to open the eyes of the people and helps them to see what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus. It completely blew the Pharisees and Sadducees lives out of the water. They never saw it coming that Jesus was going to call them to the carpet and open the eyes of the people to see the falsities that they were professing. These "religious leaders" were living a very good lifestyle and were very comfortable taking advantage of the people. They were living in their own type of prosperity Gospel of the time and were incapable of seeing the damage and harm they were doing to the Kingdom of God. So then walks in Jesus to come and completely flip their world upside down. Here comes the Son of God to show the people how they could connect with God and how they should live their lives. And Jesus then says, I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD. I AM the ONE coming to reveal the truth of the Father. You are no longer attached to the sin offerings created by this world, but that soon the TRUTH will be seen and it will set you free. And the leaders of the day NEVER SAW IT COMING. We go on to see how Jesus comes into contact with a man that had been blind since birth. We NEVER get his name... and that was not important. Jesus is providing us with the opportunity to see how many days did this man sit here and go unnoticed. How many days did he beg for help only to have it fall on deaf ears and blank stares. I can promise you that the blind man NEVER SAW IT COMING... but Jesus intervened into his world and transformed his life forever. He physically healed the blind man but revealed the personal blindness that was truly evident to every person that witnessed this miracle.

I say this because I hope and pray that you see the fullness of why Jesus said that I AM the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. I hope and pray that your personal blindness will be healed and that you will take a moment to truly recognize the fullness of God's story that we may be missing every day of our busy lives. We are called to go and profess this GOOD NEWS to the world ONE person at a time. Jesus was able to change the lives of every person that He encountered and it was because He saw them for the beauty God created them to be in this

world. The blind beggar, the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, a little boy with fish and loaves, the man lowered in the house, Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the bleeding woman, the woman who anointed his feet with precious perfume with her hair, the disciples, and the list could go on and on and on. These were all people that were unable to be seen by the people with personal blindness. These were all people who were missed by society but completely seen by Jesus. They never saw how God was going to use their story to transform the world, but as soon as their eyes were opened, they never saw the world the same ever again. We have that same opportunity today. We have the God who sent the LIGHT into our lives to cure us of our personal blindness. We have a GOD that sent the TRUTH to break our chains and set us free. From the beginning of time when the Earth was dark and formless, the world and all of creation never saw the power of God coming through the life of Jesus. But once we have... we can never NOT see HIM EVER AGAIN.

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