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When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13

You know this past week we really stepped into this verse during our youth worship, but God continues to have these words resonate in my mind. I know that we are getting use to our new schedule, because we have learned to adapt and overcome to our current situations in hope of returning back to some kind of normal. There are many things that we have now accepted and through endurance and perseverance we have flipped the switch and started to move forward to the next day. Still with some angst and some uncertainty, but with a hope that our lives will go back to ordinary. Well, I just want to say that before our current situation and before anything that has happened to us in the past or in our current future, YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ORDINARY!

See I guess that's how it works in this world. The God of all creation comes and knits us together in our mother's wombs and we think that that entire system is ordinary. It is not. There are a lot of things that have to continue to work that we cannot even explain for life to happen. Every day the chromosomes begin multiplying over and over and over again to provide the make-up of the person. Some time during the middle of the 9 month process, two miraculous things happen. First, scientist don't know how to explain this, but somewhere in the middle of the process, this laser like thing comes and makes a sliver along your eyes

and forms your eyelids. They don't know how, they just know that it happens. The same is true with the little notch that is on our lips. Somewhere in the process the little place on our upper lip is formed. The lips could be completely straight, but in a miraculous moment, the lips are formed and many call this the touch of God. So just in those two instances I want you to see that you have NEVER been ORDINARY.

Just like the picture of the ant or the platypus or the giraffe or even a woodpecker, God is in the EXTRAORDINARY business. Do you know that God took time, very specific time, to create everything for a purpose. I mean they claim that ants are capable of carrying 10 times their body weight and can travel large distances in a day. That's not ORDINARY... it's EXTRAODINARY. The Platypus, that looks like multiple things that we know was just smashed together, was created by God for something very EXTRAORDINARY. I mean it has a bill like a duck a tail like a beaver, has fur and lays eggs. NOTHING is ordinary about that. And what about the giraffe? Do you know that God made these special flaps to close off and reopen every time the giraffe bends down to eat or drink something so that the blood will not constantly be rushing in and out of the giraffe's head and cause it to die. Not even possible without God thinking through the ordinary to show His extraordinary love and concern for detail for everything He created. Then we have the woodpecker. They claim that the pure power that a woodpecker uses to bore into trees is 1,000 blows per minute, with an impact velocity of 1900 ft/s or 1,300 mph which is 1200 times the force of gravity. Now that's not ordinary.

So I need you to think about that for a second. Remember God made all of that first and saved the best for last...US. In everything else God created, He said that is was good, but with us we are VERY GOOD. There is something that God saw and continues to see in us to be able to be more than we believe that we are. God provides the tapestry every day and it is a painting that is never the same. We were designed in such a way that we don't have to tell our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe or even our brains to function. We are the most impressive machine that was created and that is why so many people want to try and recreate it because of just how EXTRAORDINARY we really are. And I am not even going

into the cells, the digestive, muscular or other systems. WE are a walking MASTERPIECE. So if you think when God spent all of this time creating us, that we were created to be are wrong. NO.. We were created to go beyond the boarders of this world that we have created. We were created to stand in AWE and worship God with every breath that we have in our lungs. We were created to take the ordinary things of this world and transform them into something EXTRAORDINARY because that is exactly how GOD equipped us. So STOP thinking you are ordinary.. stop allowing anyone else to define you but the ONE who created you in the first place. Step out of the box and receive the blessing of life that is waiting to show you how to live in so much abundance.

I want to finish today by saying this one thing. If you read in the scriptures for today, John and Peter were arrested by the religious leaders of the day for preaching the Gospel of a Risen Savior. In the verse leading to the one for today, there is a point that even after they were put in jail, the Gospel continued to affect the people. It said that 5,000 men, not counting women and children, became believers in those few moments. That means it could have been 10,000 or more if you counted the others who could have been there. Seeing all of this, the religious leaders of the day were perplexed because Peter and John were just "ORDINARY" men who had not been "schooled" and were being able to speak with the authority of God. You know why? Because once they allowed the Holy Spirit to enter and take his rightful place in their lives, they had all of the knowledge and courage they needed to speak as one that had been in the presence of Jesus. The same is true about each of us. When we step in and allow the power of God ,through the Holy Spirit, to walk with us daily, we too have the ability to speak with one who has knowledge and authority. We have stepped over the threshold of ordinary and started to live into the EXTRAORDINARY that God has intended for us since the first words of "Let there be Light". We have once again become carries of the LIGHT and that will NEVER be an ORDINARY job, but one filled with the power of an EXTRAORDINARY God.!

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