• Jason Wade


7 Wisdom is too high for fools; in the assembly at the gate they must not open their mouths.

Proverbs 24:7

Words define us in so many different ways. I have grown up my whole life in the Southeastern part of the United States. I have lived in many different states and traveled to many different countries and it continues to amaze me how much you can tell a person knows by the words that they use. I know that there are colloquialisms that each part of the world may have, but it blows my mind just how much our speech and our language can really tell just how much we may know. Today, I just want us to think about the words that we use and the ability that we have to use these words to build up or destroy someone completely. As we have said many times, there is power in the words that we use... power to cut to the heart and power to restore someone that is broken. Even though Jesus came from a working class family, many people were enamored by the words that He used is His teachings and conversations. The disciples were amazed that at His command the oceans and the storms would cease... the Sadducees and Pharisees were amazed because He had not gone to school to learn about the ancient teachings, yet Jesus spoke with such authority and eloquence about the scriptures. I say all of this to basically say, it doe not matter where you come from or how you were raised, if we truly seek wisdom, we can speak with passion and authority and God will open the ears of who needs to listen.

I was the first person in my entire family to go and complete my college degree. My mom was a beautician and my dad was in the military. My brother attempted to go to college but fell victim to the lifestyle and never really opened a book. I studied business, chemistry and economics and the reason I did that was because God placed inside of me a desire for

knowledge. I enjoyed trying to figure out how things worked together and enjoyed understanding why prices continued to change based on demand and of course I wanted to be an attorney and just get a chance to get paid to argue. The more I learned, the more knowledge I was able to attain and this funny thing happened. I began to speak intelligently

about things that I had never really fully understood before. Because I was willing to take hold of my mind and begin to plant within it seeds of knowledge, the world seemed like a completely different place and my mind was opened to a brand new way of seeing the world. I craved knowledge and because of this yearning in my heart, God began to open doors to show me that I was not defined by my past or the past of my parents. Just because I struggled a little in high school, once I found my niche, God revealed new and amazing doors that I could walk through because I was willing to change my language.

Solomon helps us to see this in his words to us today. We are able to see that we are not defined by our past, but that we have the ability and the opportunity to step out and grow. No one is stuck to their circumstances if they are wiling to take the time to invest and dig deeper into gaining knowledge. It does not mean that you have to have a PhD or a Masters degree, but also know that you don't have to be limited because of your history or situation. God has given us the ability to stretch ourselves and overcome any situation. Solomon writes today that when we are put into these moments where we are tested, fools will stand at the gate and even though they may have talked a big game before, they will be unable to speak because of their inability to understand the conversation. Solomon teaches that we should be prepared and ready to have an answer in any circumstance, but the only way that is possible is if we put in the effort to learn. As I mentioned before, I put a lot of effort in the sciences and business because my heart and passion was drawn to them. As I was walking with God, I had to learn a new language. I recognized that God took me through that journey to lead me to where He needed me to be today. I learned Spanish, German, Hebrew, Greek, Economics, Math, History, Chemistry, English, Baptist, Methodist, Bible and the common language as I walked along different paths and would have the ability to communicate wisely with those I encountered.

The real problem comes when we are unable to speak the truth and we find ourselves word vomiting all over the place. If we have not spent the time and gained the knowledge, we find ourselves just making it up and not worrying if it is right or wrong. I see it all of the time on social media as it pertains to the election or COVID. None of us really know what is happening or what is going on, but we can be prepared to speak with our love language and reach out and connect with others that are in need of correction or words of encouragement. This world is filled with hate and anger and we need to infuse words of kindness and peace. We have to find a way to surround ourselves once again with people who are willing to speak the truth in love and not hate. The fool is the one that does not worry about the consequences and doesn't worry about the outcome of their words. They speak to get a

laugh or to bring others down to their level. They are able to make up lies that sound like truth and people connect with them because they don't want to be the one that is being torn down. So today I am asking not for you to tell me your thoughts on the election. We have heard enough of that... I want you to tell me what you are going to say today that can impact the world for Jesus. I want to know how God has equipped you with knowledge in such a way that you are able to sit down with someone and have a. meaningful conversation and care about the other person and speak into their lives. We can be either choose to be one who speaks with wisdom or play the fool. In the long run the evidence will be seen, and the impact that we had on the others lives will also be seen. Imagine if you truly used your wisdom to invest into the lives of others... just image the impact we would have on the lives that would be changed. OR... imagine if we really don't care and we just tear down everyone so that we can look "so cool". Don't be surprised that if in a few years you will look around and notice that no one is around. Be wise... speak love and truth... and allow God to weed out the fool.

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