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Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

When you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night how do you feel? Do you feel exhausted because you have fought a battle all day long, or do you feel at peace because you have found true happiness. I know that for me every day is different and for many of us we truly do not like conflict. In fact, many of us would rather run the risk of personal hark from physical fatigue than having to go face to face with someone who has wronged us. So today we come to the word peace... A word that for many of us we have experienced in some format throughout our lives. For others of us, we may struggle to truly find that peace that passes all understanding because we have lived in chaos for so long we don't know how to live without it. We have grown up in an anxiety built world that is filled with adrenaline moments and so when we have to sit in a room that is silent and pray, our bodies go through withdraw. We are unable to enjoy the moments for the other 10,000 things that we have running through our heads. We have become addicted to the rush and the ability to put out fires and we have created this reality of the world is going to stop if I am not spinning 15 plates in the air and holding down the fort. But the true reality is that we all need to find a moment to step away and realize just how much we are missing in our lives.

It should not be any surprise that we live in a world where anxiety and high blood pressure is now a common denominator in most of the non-COVID deaths in our world. From strokes, heart attacks and other anxiety disorders, we have pushed ourselves to the limit without taking any time to find a way to breathe. It is not the best scenario, but I would encourage all of us to stop for 60 seconds.... breathe and pray that God will help us to seek out the peace in our days. Unfortunately for many of us, if we are unable to find a way to live in peace, we will certainly end up living less days than expected due to the damage we are causing to

ourselves. And trust me I am preaching to myself as well. Peace is a state of happiness and joy where we see where we are and realize the blessing that God has provided for us. It does not mean that we stop striving to grow, but that we take the time to acknowledge the joy that can be found in our current situations. I know that many times in my life I have been tied to my schedule instead of letting my schedule be an opportunity to to express peace and grace in my working environment. It is a mindset that we have to begin to obtain if we are truly hoping to have a change in attitude. We have to be willing to surrender the things over to God that are causing us to live in such stress and chaos and that results in a complete lifestyle change for most of us. Notice I said US... not YOU.

Once again, Jesus is helping us to see how to be blessed. Blessed means more than happiness. Jesus is saying to us to be blessed means the experience of hope and joy, independent of outward circumstances. The wisdom that we are able to glean from today's beatitude is that we must be willing to surrender self to truly find peace. We must be willing to turn over every part of our lives to God and then infuse God back into every area of our lives. If we want to find peace in our homes, we give our homes back to God by praying individually and praying corporately as a family. If we want to find peace in our relationships, then we need to be willing to give our relationships to God and ask for discernment in how we are able to mend bridges or realize when we may need to walk away. Peace is something that God is wanting for each of our lives. If you look back at the beginning of creation, the world was in darkness and in chaos so God stepped in and gave peace and light. At the end of the Old Testament, there was 400 years of silence between God and His creation until the LIGHT of Jesus Christ was born into the world. Silence can be deafening, because it provides for us a way to truly see what we have not been able to see before. When we are able to step out of the situation and see it through God's eyes, we begin to realize how painful the struggle truly has been on all involved. If we are truly seeking the real faith and happiness that God has planned for us, we have to stop thinking that we are in control and start giving over all that we have to God. Let the Creator and Sustainer of Peace take control of the chaos in our lives.

The ending goal is that we become children of God per the teaching today. The only way that we are able to be a part of His Kingdom is to turn over that control of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength and find real peace in the love of God. Notice that Jesus did not say that we were going to be adults of God... Jesus was very careful to use the words that He used. Each had a plan and a purpose. Remember the story where the children tried to come to Jesus and the disciples were like no you cannot come. Jesus quickly rebuked them and said these words, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as as these" Luke 18:16. Why are those words so powerful,

because Jesus is saying to us that we have to be able to come with the heart and the eyes of a child. For most children they are able to play and live in peace with others. They don't see gender or race until we introduce them to that information. All they want to do is enjoy the time that they have together in the sandbox. It is not until they are older in life do they realize that life was so much simpler then and that we find ourselves being molded and shaped by the world. The peace that was in our hearts, quickly fades and is replaced by the chaos of this world. Are you ready to find happiness? Are you ready to find joy? Are you ready to live the life that God set out for us to live together? If you answered yes, it begins with surrendering all that you are to God and truly fighting to find peace. I know that sounds paradoxical that we have to fight to find peace, but we have created so many layers of chaos and stress in our lives, it is going to take some time to fight through all of that mess. May today be another day of stepping out in faith and finding your attitude of peace in surrender.

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