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26. But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:26-27

It is the time once again to ring in PEACE into the world and yet it still seems as though the world is still in so much chaos. You would think that for just a moment we would have a chance to just stop and pause and find a way to find peace. But peace is really not the easiest thing to find. We live in a world that is now run by chaos. I mean it is so difficult to just find 5 minutes out of a day and read our Bibles and do a devotional to focus our hearts and minds because of the chaos that revolves around us. This is not something that is new. I mean even Mary and Joseph were living in a very chaotic time as the census was being taken and they had to travel to Bethlehem in a time when Mary was about to give birth. Jesus was not born into a world of peace but a world that was still filled with wars, death, sin, and just pure evil. Jesus was the Prince of Peace and was sent here to offer us the opportunity to find True Peace or Eiréné which means one, peace, quietness and rest. Jesus was coming into the world of chaos to provide a way out. And I think that we have gotten ourselves back into the same mess where the schedule runs our lives and we really don't know how to go through a day that is just filled with nothing. A day the we can just sit.... listen... and breathe.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Orfield Laboratories lies the quietest room in the world. They say that the room is so quite that you can hear your organs moving. The longest that anyone has stayed in this room is 45 minutes before having to be removed because of the person beginning to hallucinate. Is that really what would happen if we were just alone in silence with our thoughts? We would begin to hallucinate and go stir crazy? I just believe that we cannot handle peace in the way that God intended it to be for us. I mean have you ever just stopped everything that you are doing and let go of your phone and sat for an hour in complete silence and listened to the sounds of God's orchestra that surrounds us? I know that there have been some times where that time of environment has been forced on me

and I will be honest it was very difficulty to do. I could not stop my mind from wondering and thinking about the time and how long it would take for my mind to stop thinking about every thing else that was going on in the room. Even in a prayer labyrinth where we were to take some time and quiet down our lives, it was very difficult for me because I have always lived at a very high and intense lifestyle. But when I was finally able to enter into those moments, I was able to experience an amazing connection with God that I cannot explain more than AWE. I found that if I would just let go and breathe, I could finally hear that still small voice that has probably been yelling at the top of HIS voice to get my attention. I wish that I could say that I was a able to stay there, but the reality is that peace is NOT a piece of cake. It is something that we too have to be intentional about and fight for if we truly want to live in the quietness and rest found only in God.

Why did the Prince of Peace have to come into the world? To show the fallen of this world how to step back and reconnect with God on a spiritual level. Jesus had to come to flip the mindset of what we have been called to do. We have not been called to be financially successful, that is a tool given to us by God to help find peace. We have not been called to be known and adored by the world... that is a tool given to us by God to help us and others find peace. We have not been called to build our kingdom through our churches, that is a gift given to us by God to help others find peace and be equipped to go back into the world to carry that peace. It is a life that many fail to fully understand but that ALL of us have knit into our being by the God of Peace who knew us before the world did. As we look at John's words today, we are reminded that God continues to provide for us an advocate to guide us into this understanding of a life filled with peace. As I said yesterday, True Peace is NOT found in positive thinking, in absence of conflict or in good feelings. True Peace is found from knowing that God is in control and letting go of the things that continue to bind us to the chaos. Jesus said that this PEACE is not the same as the world's peace and that is because it is totally different. This is the PEACE that surpasses ALL understanding that is led by a humbling of the heart and letting go of control. The world is all about control and God is all about releasing that authority that has ensured our lives.

My honest prayer for us all is that we are able to find more desire and comfort by seeking this idea of God's Peace in our lives. I pray that we are able to let go of all of these things that we have allowed to define us by the world and truly lean on the promise that we are only defined by God. I know that may be very difficult, but the reality is being a disciple fo Christ was never meant to be easy. God's Peace comes at a cost and that cost is total submission to the Creator of it all. We have really gotten caught up in all of the chaos and

the world finally fell silent over 2,000 years ago to usher in the Prince of Peace. Now, we have to find a way to return to that moment of PEACE where the world, for a moment, exhaled and let PEACE on earth reign. I hope and pray that as we are now days from once again celebrated the birth of Christ, we find a moment to relish in the PEACE that we need to find again through the life of a child. I pray that we intentionally slow down and even stop during this season to really take in the moments that led up to the world being given a Savior and with each day take hold of the PEACE that we are all so desperately in need of experiencing once again. Glory in the Highest and PEACE on EARTH... Good Will Towards Men.

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