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39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” Mark 4:39-40

We have really spent a lot of time on this blog recognizing and praying for the battle of our minds. There are many things that we all struggle and face each and every day. The battle of the mind is not something that we take lightly. There are things that are inside of us that continue to take battle for our attention. There is a battle that we struggle with because we so much want to be in control but that we are truly living out of control and we are just trying to hold it together until we get to a place where we can scream into a pillow. Our mind continues to be a battlefield because we are unwilling to let it all go and truly find peace. I mean even as you are reading these words today and many of you are battling to truly focus because as the truth is being spoken satan is doing everything possible to distract you from the message that God has intended for you. We are so scared of peace and even though we want to let go, our bodies have now been conditioned to live a life that is so out of control and that has become the normal. And the crazy thing is that this is the legacy we are passing down to future generations. We are passing down the idea that we can juggle so many balls that the out of control is our norm and when God puts us in a situation where we are in the stillness and peace we cannot stand it and we cannot understand it because how can God be over the storms that are in our lives.

So I am asking that many of us once again remember that the battle does belong to the Lord. I know that we all are looking for some type of peace in our lives but it all starts with the decision we have to make to step into the storm and give it to God. The stress and the hidden struggles that we truly carry continue to eat away at the foundations of our lives. We think that we are in control and we believe that we can handle it but let's be honest. It has been a year of struggle. It has been a year filled with anxiety and a stress that goes beyond

limits. It is ok to say that we have not been in control and that we have really seen and experienced things that we hope and pray that we will never see again. It is the battle that continues to chink away at the armor and eventually we find ourselves fully exposed to the world. The reality of the situation is that this time will mark a point in the world's history and the rising cases of isolation and anxiety have sky rocketed and tells us that the real battle is in the mind. The peace of mind is something that we all claim that we may have but in reality we all witness the true struggle that ways on us. We may outwardly be showing joy, but internally we experience things that we don't want the world to know. Our minds are in the midst of a chaotic storm that needs the power of the ONE who can calm the sea.

Thinking about the scripture today, I was really wanting us to see the power of the words that Jesus spoke in the midst of the storm. Every time I read about Jesus and the disciples in the storm, I am really moved because it really makes me think so much about the power of Jesus as the Prince of Peace. I know that is something that we really don't think about, but when I look at it from a different perspective. I really believe that Jesus was speaking not only to the physical storm that surrounded them, but also the spiritual storm of fear, anxiety stress, etc... that was raging inside them and us. See I look at it that we are mostly made up of water and I fully believe Jesus, the Prince of Peace, was speaking to the heart of all of us that are truly battling to find peace in our lives. That phrase, "Quiet, Be Still" comes from the same word Eiréné that we read about yesterday. That understanding of us finding this ONE... QUIET... PEACE... and STILLNESS over the struggles that we are facing. So when Jesus said these words, it went straight to the hearts, minds and souls of the disciples and should also go straight to the things that continue to battle for control of our hearts, minds, and souls. It is an awareness that Jesus was able to go directly into the situation of not just the physical dangers but the spiritual dangers that was going to surround them all throughout their journey. If we take hold of that understanding, than we will finally begin to understand that true peace once again comes from giving complete control to Jesus.

So we are three days away from Christmas and a time that marks the footprint of PEACE that God put on His creation through the birth of Jesus. Are you really ready to finally say I want to give God back control over all of this stuff that has infiltrated our lives and caused us frustration and chaos? Are we ready to give God back control over our lives so that we will no longer have to worry about what the next thing that is coming to attack us? We will have a peace of mind because God has control of every physical and spiritual situation that may occur. What an amazing assurance to wake up to every day. That before we step into the world's storm, God has claimed PEACE over it. So that no matter what the outcome, we

know that we are going to be able to walk with faith and assurance that the battle will be won by God. Stop trying to hide everything in the back corners of the closet and still think that you can take care of or handle every situation. Take a step into the storm and give God authority to claim PEACE over ALL things. I know that it will be difficult because we want to be in control, but true peace comes from God being in control. When we let go of trying to control and overcome the battles, God will step into our storms and we will finally find the calm. And to be honest that is the legacy I want to pass on to future generations. Not the chaos.... but the PEACE that will surpass the chaos. PEACE that overcomes the worry and adds days to our lives instead of causing more anxiety and isolation. May God control the PEACE in our minds so that we can experience true PEACE on earth.

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