• Jason Wade


Sow righteousness for yourselves,

reap the fruit of unfailing love,

and break up your unplowed ground;

for it is time to seek the Lord,

until he comes and showers his righteousness on you. Hosea 10:12

We begin a new week still tapping into the promises of God. Today we look at the hard part of it all. We look at each new day with the understanding that we all have three things that are going on. First, we are plowing new ground that will lead us to places that God has been preparing for us in advance. Second, we are planting seeds. Regardless of how our day is going, we are still planting seeds that will take root in the ground that we have tilled. It may be seeds of joy or seeds of discontent, but regardless we are sowing seeds. The final part of our day, is always surrounding weeding and nurturing. We are called to spend time in God's Word nurturing the seeds that have been planted and also to protect the fruit that may be growing from the weeds of this world that are so ready to choke them out. Every day, all three of these actions are happening in our lives as it pertains to seeking and fulfilling God's promises in our lives.

Truthfully, it means that there are times that we see the different types of soils that we encounter. If we are struggling, the soil may be hardened and dry and we have to truly work hard and diligently to be able to breakthrough the top-soil and find the valuable soil underneath. Some days may be filled with nourishment and growth and that soil is very easy to dig into and provides richness for the fruits to be able to grow. And then there is the

unknown. There are some days that we really have no idea what type of soil it is going to be, and it means that we have to get our own hands dirty and dig in to realize the possibilities that may lie ahead. Turning the soil is necessary to be able to make sure whatever is planted has an amazing chance to grow and prosper. It does not mean that we can plant it and leave it alone, but it does mean that by plowing and tending, we are able to watch the growth from God's perspective. We are able to realize how the promises from God are able to bud, bloom and blossom. We are able to see when they need more attention on some days and less attention on others. Remember that God's promises will not fail, but still need to be nurtured in our lives... our soil... our soul.

In our Scripture for today, we step into the life of Hosea and Gomer. If you know about the story, you know it is one that is a story of pursuit of the groom for the bride. Hosea is promised by God whom he should marry but with the caveat that his bride would be unfaithful. Throughout the entire Book of Hosea, Hosea is pursuing his bride with a love that is unconditional. It does not mean that there are not days that he does not question or struggle, but the plowing into his soul leads him to a completely different place when it comes to receiving the promises that God had planted. As with Hosea and Gomer, we too are being pursued by our groom, God. As we realize that we, the church, are the bride of Christ, we recognize that the GROOM is going to be forever faithful in pursuing His bride. God continues to love and cherish us even when we, the bride, tend to continually live a life of unfaithfulness. We continue to strive to do things that only satisfy our needs and never truly live into following the promises that God has set out for us. Hosea's words in verse 12, demonstrate the constant plowing, digging and preparation that is taking place for the fulfillment of God's promise. Hosea is saying that we are to continue to sow righteousness and stand firm on God's unfailing love. We are called to continue to dig deeper and deeper by plowing our soil/soul until we find the ground of God that is so nurturing and prepared to help us grow.

I pray that for all of us today, we have a real chance to take hold and realize that God is constantly doing the work of the Farmer in our lives. God is constantly plowing new fields and paths that will lead us in new directions for our spiritual journey each day. God is continuing to plant seeds of spiritual gifts that will grow into fruit and be multiplied into

every person that we come into connection with on a daily basis. Finally, God is helping to weed the soil so that we can have every opportunity to grow strong and without something that could eventually cause our death. But one final thing is that God is not only doing this for you and me. God is fulfilling His promises through the lives of the fruit that is being produced. God is providing an opportunity that will guide us to see that there are an infinitesimal number of fields that are going through His farming process. Every one of them at different stages of the process, but each of them receiving the same fulfillment of God's promises. As you wake up today, take hold of that moment and realize the importance of being pursuers for God and being pursued by God. Realize that we are helping to fulfill God's promises on the basis that we are digging into the lives of others while God is digging into us. The more and more and more we plow, the more fields are revealed that are both giving and receiving new promises every day. It's time to dig in and get a little dirty for God.

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