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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. Romans 10:17

What you see in the picture above is a hearing test. I remember growing up, there were days that we would go and have to take a hearing test. We would put on these large headphones that covered our ears completely and all of the sound around us would go silent. I guess these were the first noise canceling headphones. Then all of a sudden a voice would come through the headphones of a person I could not see and would give me instructions on what was about to happen and how I was to respond. Easy enough. If I heard a sound in my right ear I would raise my right hand and the same in the left ear. It was amazing as the sounds started really loud and then would get softer and softer. The Otolaryngologist would continue to watch and correct and may notes. The sounds would eventually disappear all together. One thing I found out, even if we could not hear the sounds... they were there. I was just incapable of hearing them until they were brought back into range. CRAZY

See that's the same way that I think sometimes the Gospel is heard as well. We continue to live in this life where God is not actually in range. We continue to sit in silence until God's frequency comes into our range and we are able to hear it without any of the NOISE or distractions form the world. We lift our hands and it allows others to know that we definitely hear it loud and clear. The POWER of the WORD can break through any of the obstacles that we may have placed between us in hopes of keeping the sound... the WORD out. We have this special design within us, created and given to us by God, that gives us the CHOICE to hear or reject the word. It does not mean that the WORD is not there.. just like the sound earlier. It means that it has not found a frequency that allows our ears to hear it clearly. I know you may be questioning that today, but I just want you to fully understand that there is a point to which we cannot hear... so let's take a little hearing test. See how far you can go.. I will tell you that your kids probably can go further than you go.. test it and see.

How far did you get? Hopefully you were able to at least get to level 3-4, but youth or children probably were able to get to level 6-7 depending on whether or not they listen to very loud music on a continual basis. So, what does this say about us today. I just want you to understand the science. The older we get the more damage we do to the hair cells that are in the inner ear. Unlike other cells in other parts of our body, they do not regenerate. The ones that hear the higher frequency tones are the ones that live closest to the outer ear and thus become more damaged over time. So the older we get the more opportunity to lose part if not all of our hearing. Maybe you can now see where I am going today. Paul writes, consequently, FAITH comes from HEARING the message, and the message is HEARD through the WORD about Christ. In my example today is the fact that we need to reach and equip people when they are younger and susceptible to HEAR the WORD.

The older we get, the more set in our ways we become and HEAR me.. it is NOT impossible for one to be able to hear and accept the WORD of God when they are older. What I am saying is that the longer we wait to profess the MESSAGE the more likely it is that someone that is older is already set in their ways and has already closed off some of the elementary teaching because it does not apply to their lives.

We need to continue to profess the message of God to everyone when they are young and willing to listen. I always believe that there is a big difference between listing and hearing. To listen means that we are able to hear, push out the noise and show some type of application. To hear may mean that the sound is a noise and it flows in and out of our life without connecting in any way. I think this is where we are beginning to fail as the Church. I think that we are relying on technology and not the WORD of God to infiltrate the lives of our children. They are inundated with some many options and we think that just by letting them use an APP we are ok. Now understand that I get it.. Many do use their phones for good, but there is something about being able to hold the PHYSICAL WORD of God and to walk through with them and allow them to take ownership of the POWER OF THE WORD. Not just in a digital format, but through SPIRITUALLY LISTENING to the Word of God.

Today, I am challenging all of us to really step back and listen to the POWER OF THE WORD. I am asking that we really do realize that by reading the Bible together and by taking time to share what it means, we are able to hear for the first time God speak on our Frequency. We have cut through the noise and taken ownership of the scripture in our lives in such a way that we can now TELL OTHERS. See it is not just in the way that we can read the WORD.. It is in the way that we listen to the word as we read it and express it in such a way that the rest of the WORLD may be able to finally hear it for themselves. See my frequency may be outside their array of listening, but a student who has taken hold of the Gospel and can speak the language that can be heard by their friends is priceless. They have already found the frequency and have already had tons of conversations, but now they need to realize the POWER that is in THEIR VOICES. The power to allow the Gospel to be HEARD for some for the first time, and for others for the first time in a long time. Don't live into a life of Spiritual Deafness. The time is now to go and profess the Gospel so that it can be HEARD. That is the POWER OF THE WORD that lives and breathes in each and every one of us. Even when we don't see it.. it's working.. Even when we don't feel it.. It's working.. My God that is WHO YOU ARE.

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