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2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.3 It gave me great joy when some believers came and testified about your faithfulness to the truth, telling how you continue to walk in it.4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 2-4

We are to days away from beginning this next journey together and I hope and pray that you are preparing your soul as a fertilities soil for God. I pray that you are trying to let go of some of these things that continue to frustrate us and ask God to intervene. I know that there are many things that I get frustrated with in my life. I know that the internet is some times too slow. I know that traffic is too congested and slow. I know that plans that are made never come out to be perfectly ideal. I know that there are many other things in my life I could list but to be honest, where is that really going to get us. I want us all to realize that there are things that we must be willing to admit and hand over to God if we truly want God to restore our soul. Have you ever heard the song "It is Well"? If you have not please make sure to take the time today and listen to the rendition that is connected with today's blog. I hope that you will be able to listen and hear the words and recognize that there is power in the truth that gives freedom to our souls. So as we are preparing to truly want to hear from God, we have to speak a little truth to the person we see in the mirror every day and get on the same page to have a prayer for our soul.

I think that when we are preparing for God to speak and step into our lives and direct our paths, we need to make sure that we are ready to receive what God is preparing to plant. It means that all of the scars that have cut so deep need to be healed by God. It means all of the hate that you are harboring inside needs to be released to God so that you can experience freedom. One of the things that I have been taught is that if you are still harboring hurt, the person that hurt you has already moved on. We have to be willing to ask God to give us freedom so that we can experience the love that we have been missing out on for such a long time. This pain that we carry and hold on will continue to reek havoc in our

lives until we realize that with truth comes healing. We have to be willing to say God help me to get well with my soul. Help me once again find a way to move forward and break free of these hurts that continue to shackle me to the world of despair. I am not telling you that they are not valid. I am not saying that we cannot continue to feel the pain, but what I am saying is that there is a point where we have to ask God for help in order that we can move forward. Praying for not just the souls of others but for our souls is something that God is waiting for so that we can be used by HIM to help others. I have said this multiple times, your hurt and journey can help someone else that is in the same situation. BUT you will never be able to help them step out of that valley if you have not settled it with God and your soul first. We must dig deep and ask each of us to pray for our souls and take a moment to step into the healing powers that God is ready to apply to us all.

As we look at John's letter and prayer for Gaius, we really don't know more about Gaius except it was someone who offered hospitality and John considered him and his family dear friends. John is trying to pray for some since of spiritual prosperity for Gaius for his willingness to be the face of God to those that are in need. We all need that person that has gotten right with God and continues to live it out in their daily life and pass it down throughout their family. Gaius is that person. He is the example of a person that has heard the Gospel and it transformed his life in such a way that all the way to his soul has been healed. John had been able to witness this transformation and from a distance see the JOY of God lived out in the life of a fellow believer. In John's third letter, he wrote to continue to pray for his health and the opportunities that his faith was providing to help others come into a relationship with God. Many were still confused and questioning their next steps when the believers had stepped back into a Gnostic belief since they were one generation removed from Jesus physically being on the earth. John continued to encourage Gaius to preach the Gospel and to show hospitality because of the gift of healing that God had provided in his life. We should do the same. When we have been given this opportunity to be healed, not just physically but spiritually, we are called to help others find the same peace and that really does begin with our core... our soul.

So today as we are preparing for our journey to start this Wednesday, I am asking that we truly begin to ask God to help heal our souls. I pray that we dig deep and look at the baggage that we have carried and the baggage that we continue to add to the pile. We cannot truly be free until we realize the importance of getting God's healing to the source of our struggles. We carry so much doubt, hurt, fear, anxiety, frustration, etc... and that all finds it's home in our soul. We begin to see the world through the eyes of our hurt instead of the opportunity that God is trying to reveal. I pray for the soul of every person that God will

intervene and release them from this battle that we will never be able to overcome on our own. We have to all realize that we cannot do it on our own. I know that may hit us in the pride place, but the reality is true. We were never meant to do this life alone, but we are to tell our story through the battles that we have faced. The power of God to restore our souls is so unimaginable. All I can say is that I have not fully gotten rid of all of the baggage, but each day I continue to ask God to help me deal with the things I have not been able to let go of in my life. The wrongs that were done to me and the wrongs that I have done to others. I pray that I can find that inner peace in my soul so that I can finally respond... IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL so the I can allow God to once again begin planting beautiful back into my life.

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