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Now this is what theLordAlmighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways. Haggai 1:5, 7

Change is not easy. In fact change is one of the hardest things that we all seem to struggle with in our lives. If we were able to truly know what the final outcome would be because of the change, I think that we would be more confident in making the changes that need to occur. Change takes time and planning and an effort to really want to see something in a different way. Change is something that may cause us pain and may bring us to experience a greater joy. But one thing that is constant... change continues to occur whether we like it or not. Every day we get a little older and there is nothing we can do to change that fact. Every second that goes by has the potential to be the moment that could bring breakthrough. Making different decisions and going in a different direction can help to stretch our limits and our minds to spur new growth and new perspectives.

One thing that I just need you to understand is that we can all be actively involved in the change that is to occur. And with that change, comes plans and visions of new opportunities in the days ahead. For example, when a builder comes into a new project, there is a lot of work that has to be done before they can even break ground. There are surveys that have to be done and permits that have to be appleid for just to start the process. Insurance, designs and blue prints have to be created and understand they can all change in an instant. Once a

contractor begins the work, it is like an artist that looks at a blank tapestry and realizes that things will not look the same in the end. From clearing the lot, leveling the ground, escalating the property and pouring the foundation, there is a lot of change that will occur from beginning to the end. And yes, as we mentioned before that change takes time. The foundation has to be level and the cured in a way to plan for expansion. The property has to be planned out for water, sewage, gas, power lines that will feed the house and give it a sense of being alive. In just at few weeks the change is evident but the hard work may be completely missed.

The prophet Haggai is trying to show that to us in our scripture verses today. The reason the verse are both five and seven is because God was emphasizing the need for thought and details when it comes to change. God had given the Jews the assignment on how to finish the Temple in Jerusalem once they were freed from captivity. After 15 years, they had not even started. They were not concerned with fulfilling the promise that was made between them and God. All they wanted to do was to live their lives in their way. Sounds kinda familiar doesn't it. They were more concerned about building their own homes instead of finishing the God's work. Why? Because they didn't want to change their lifestyles. They just wanted the freedom to be in control instead of fulfilling a promise that would have change their true position in the eyes of the world. The temple was a HUGE opportunity for change in the world, but they were unwilling to take a moment and realize what that change would do. So we read the Lord's words again, "Give careful thought to your ways." Man that seems so simple, but is probably one of the hardest things that we could ever do. Are we willing to take the time to nurture the ground for change, or are we so consumed with immediacy. Careful thought is something that begins in prayer and petition. Careful thought begins as the foundational piece of the entire puzzle. We don't take haste. We don't step out and guess. We stop and pray and listen to discern God's direction for every part of our lives. Change will effect every part of our lives. Change is not just targeted to one area. If that area of our lives change, it will send an effect throughout everything that we do. For example, if I decide to stop eating. Well, as crazy as that sounds, that will be a change that will effect my whole body. I know that is a really big example, but even the little changes effect everything around us.

So that is why we have to break everything back down to the foundation. We have to recognize the fact that only true change can occur if we are willing to tear down some of the things that we have built and restart from the CORE. Remember we have to give CAREFUL THOUGHT and we have to realize that change is hard and takes time, but once we see the final product, we will be amazed at what stopped us from changing things in the first place. Preparing for change takes prayer mixed with listening. Preparing for change take time

mixed with passion. Preparing for change takes realizing the painful decisions that have to be made mixed with the compassion and grace to be patient for the changes to occur. We

simply have to go back to the foundation and take the time we need for it to CURE properly. I hope and pray that you take that time with every relationship that you have in your life. Take time to evaluate the things that we are all doing that may need to change, and pray for the strength and the courage to walk with God in careful thought. God is ready to walk with us during this time of change, we just have to stop thinking of only ourselves and realize that there is a bigger picture ready to be seen by the world.

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