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My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.

Israel, put your hope in the Lord both now and forevermore.

Psalm 131

What is the secret of contentment? I think that many of us ask ourselves that same questions in many different ways every day. Are we satisfied in our relationships, our families, our friendships, our social status, etc...? Do we continue to wrestle each day with the fact that God has given us enough and we are satisfied with our lives, or do we continue to try set higher goals that may or may not have the ability to be obtained? The word content is really a loaded word. I have seen many families, businesses, ministries, and relationships that have completely fallen apart because of the peoples inability to truly define contentment for their lives. Now understand, there is a difference to me in being content because of an apathetic attitude and being content because of the peace that we have received from God. I am the very first one to tell you that there really is a struggle in many of our lives to be at peace and contentment with the place we find ourselves in this world.

Let me put it a different way. How many of us remember the hopes and the dreams we had as a small child? Do you remember you aspirations? At the young age of 5 were you already planning out your life as an astronaut, teacher, start athlete, doctor, prized artist, actor/actress, or your fill in the blank. As a small child, most of our dreams centered around the eternal factors of our lives that had major influence. Mostly I am talking about TV, movies, and extra curricular activities. We really were not making our schedule and planning our days, it was left up to the parental units that could drive and feed us. We were more

concerned about eating, sleeping and discerning the new world that was out there drawing our attention. In most parts of our lives we were content and not stressed. We just went with the flow and never had to worry about bills, exams, homework, jobs, social media or tryouts. We were just able to sit in the peace of God realize that we had trust in the world and all of those that were taking care of us. And the sad part is that is exactly the type of trust and peace that we experienced at such a young age that God is wanting us to seek in our lives the older that we get.

As we see David's teaching today, we are drawn back to the time that we were content as infants. We are reminded that we were safe and all of our trust was in the Lord. David is trying to remind us and Israel that the same God that has protected us all throughout our lives has not gone anywhere. The same God that wants us to prosper and wants us to experience this new level of contentment in God, wants us to have a hope that is built on the simplicity of life. And when I read that and think about the whole scope of things, maybe it really is me or us that has caused the frustration to enter into the picture. Maybe we have grown so accustomed to the chaos and the authority our schedules holds over us, we never feel as though we are ever going to be satisfied. We continue to add more and more to our lives because we have created this imaginary point for our lives that would be the status we need to achieve. Funny thing is, once we have achieved that point, we once again feel unrest because we have conditioned ourselves to never be content... to always strive for more... and then we find ourselves miserable and questioning every part of our lives.

So today I hope we will all find a way to take a step back and reevaluate everything that we are doing in life. I know that may seem like a lot to ask, but I am asking for you to really just look at your life and see if you have any peace or contentment in your life at all. If not, then you know that you need to stop and reevaluate. There has been so many things that have been out of control in our world and many times that same uncertainty will find its' way into our daily lives. We experience a domino effect that continues to push us into situations of stress, anger, frustration or you name it. These same feelings can be seen all throughout the story of the People of Israel. Many times they were angry, lost, enslaved, freed, hungry, thirsty, argumentative... you name it the People of Israel experienced it all except true contentment and peace. They never seemed to be satisfied enough and after many years of

prosperity, they would find themselves once again complaining. I just don't want to live out my life that way. I really don't want to try and keep up with the fictitious Jones and never be happy. Remember it is not about our status or our place in society, it truly a test of the heart of finding the joy that God has provided in every situation. Even in the tough times, there is a lesson God is teaching each of us as it relates to truly trusting Him and seeking peace. May God continue to help us all in this journey for contentment, peace and joy. May we realize the importance of trusting God with every aspect of our lives and before we know it, we may just find that contentment God has intended for us all along.

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