• Jason Wade


7 The law of the Lord is perfect,

refreshing the soul.

The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy,

making wise the simple.

8 The precepts of the Lord are right,

giving joy to the heart.

The commands of the Lord are radiant,

giving light to the eyes. Psalm 19:7-8

Have you ever awakened from a great night of sleep and been fully refreshed? I mean you wake up and are ready to take on the world and whatever else may come. There are days that I just wish I could live over and over again and the main reason is that God has given us the strength that we need to live out our life for Him. As we continue to be emptied by the things of this world and refueled by the power of God's Word, we should begin to see things from a different perspective. We should be able to feel the power of God surging through our lives and allowing us to really be excited about the day. See I truly believe that it is satan's goal to keep us knocked down every day. I fully believe that satan attempts to cause us not to receive God's fullness and that is a part of the spiritual warfare that goes on in our lives. I just want you to continue to think through this journey that we are all walking through during this time of Lent. God is preparing us daily to allow Him into our personal walks. He is trying to open our eyes to the power that God's Word can unleash into our daily struggles as we continue to equip ourselves to grow stronger in Christ.

So as we look at the daily walk, are you open to truly allow God's Word to enter into to your schedule, your job, your family or your heart? The true question remains whether or not you want God to truly transform you out of your old lifestyle and into one that you wake up each day on fire for Him. Yes, it is a complete lifestyle change and that is what God is asking from us. When we say that God's Word does not return empty or void, once again it means that it is gong to infiltrate every cell of our bodies and allows us to draw strength in a way that we

cannot explain. For those of you that remember, it will be more powerful than the Energizer Bunny. It will literally give you joy in the times of your trials. It will give you peace in the midst of your frustrations. This is NOT the prosperity Gospel, but the power of God's Word that will continue to refresh our souls for the purposes of going anywhere and professing the Good News. Yes, we will get tired, but from our tired bodies we will be inspired to tell God's story. Yes, we will get ridiculed and questioned, but from these encounters we will watch as God, through the Holy Spirit, will give us the answers and the ability to step through the world's wilderness with power and assurance. His Words applied to our lives is a magnificent power that cannot be contained.

What a powerful message that should encourage us all for today from the heart of King David. We are able to see through David's eyes the power of God's Word in his life. The foundations of God's Word are trustworthy. We know that God's commands are real and a method to lead us into having this assurance that God has called us to step into the battles of this world. God's precepts are right and provide for us the peace and joy that so many of us are looking for in the dim moments of our daily lives. We are refreshed with power to know that God is going to take hold of our lives in such a way that will completely flip our lives and the lives of others upside down. God commands us to begin walking the path with eyes that are wide open to see the things that are in need of connection with God as well as seeing the truth in our own lives. Throughout David's life, he was able to see the power of God's guidance in the best times and the worst times of his life. The Word of God is so important to every area of our lives. If we are truly looking to start and finish our days with the ability to have a stronger desire to see God's kingdom grow, then we have to be willing to be intentional about how we are starting our days and how we finish. God is ready to help rebuild and refresh us. God is capable of lighting our paths and opening our eyes every day, but we have to have the desire to want to see and be used by God. We have to stop thinking that our only job is receive the blessings from God and truly be a carrier of God's blessings to others.

So our challenge for today is to truly see the power that comes with giving God's Word the opportunity it needs to take root in our lives. When it is our first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, we set our soul to be at rest. We allow our eyes to be opened and our hearts to be filled with joy and peace. Yes, there are still going to be daily struggles in our lives, but if we are prepared each morning and refreshed to endure these battles, you may be surprised that at the end of the day you still have more energy and opportunity than you have ever had before. I know that I truly try to do all I can for God. I know that I mess up, but it does not mean that I am going to quit because of my mess ups. NO. God has called us to

allow His Word as a guide for the BODY, the CHURCH, to be refreshed and renewed. If each of us comes together and sets our hearts on the foundation of God's Word each day, and we are walking through the same scriptures, can you fathom that God may actually give us ALL the same vision for the future. Can you imagine the impact that can be made if we all have the same vision and compassion to take the next steps together. Oh what a glorious day that will be for God. I just want to continue to ask all of us to stretch ourselves daily during this time and to connect in this moment together. There is power for a family that prays together and digs into God's Word together. And I just want to say if you are looking for transformation to happen... it starts with each of us consciously making the decision to walk together... to be refreshed together... to want to change the world together. Are you In? Father, Here I am. What can I do for you today? Amen.

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