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10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.11 To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 5:10-11

I pray for the nation I still believe in. I pray once again we are able to stand up for the beliefs of the forefathers of the faith and reclaim this world in the name of Jesus. It means that we have to make a concerted effort to truly restore our nation again. I love to watch those different shows that "flip a house" and take it from something that was in total disarray and restore it to the natural beauty that it was created to look like. It does not mean that something new is not added, because with innovation comes new opportunities, but the foundations still remain strong, and the house will be firm. The same is true for us and our house... our community... our nation. It is time that we stand up and reintroduce the world to the truth of Gospel again. Jesus was the expression of grace in flesh and lived among us to show us how restoration was possible. Instead of relying on social media to give us truth, maybe we need to open back the map, the BIBLE, that will direct us towards truth. As I have heard and said, it took us a long time to get to this place, but the foundations are still strong. We just need to strip out all of the parts that are broken and replace them with materials that will fortify the areas that have fallen apart. Restoration starts with stripping things back to the beginning in order that the rebuild can begin.

As I look through the years of my life, I can honestly admit that I have seen some of the best and the worst in this world. I watched wars happen, walls come down, evil rise and the world come together in midst of strife. I have seen technology grow, families fall, people change and God overcome. I have seen churches planted and churches closed. I have officiated both weddings and funerals. I know that in this world there is a constant battle between good and evil. Each day I strive to do anything possible to change the world to make it a

better place for my family and for anyone that I meet. I really wish that I could say that I was always this way but I was not. See, even though I looked fine on the outside, I know that sin and evil in the world continued to deteriorate the walls that were holding me up. I looked solid on the outside but was falling apart from the inside out. I never realized it until I was introduced to the GREAT RENOVATOR. God saw me not for who I had become but who He had created me to be. He stepped into the mess and began to change me, my perspective and my passion from the inside out. I was restored into HIS specifications and from that day, I have NEVER been the same. I became a part of the NATION of believers and disciples that make up the Kingdom of God. Why do I tell you part of my story? Because my story becomes part of our story becomes part of the living testimony of God.

So we close out the last part of Peter's letter today and I just want us all to know that it is time that we start praying for renovation to occur. We need to pray that our world is continuing to be stripped back to its foundations. God created the world for a reason and He stills see the possibility of what we can become if we start replacing what has been broken by the world and watch as God replaces it with materials that are strong, firm and been made new. Reading Peter's words we know that we are all going to suffer and our foundations are going to be shaken and tested. The reality is in the steps that we take to move forward. If we are able to apply the Word of God in our situations we will find that the walls will stand firm. The same is true in our country. We are able to transform the country from the inside out if we are able to once again infuse the Word of God to help those who find themselves broken be made new. Peter continued to encourage the church to endure the battle with the promise of what was to come through restoration and healing. I am asking us to see our current chaos in the same way. We are in the time of testing for restoration is coming in Christ.

So today I want us all to start not with what's on the outside but what is on the inside. In order for us to be a part of the solution, we have to ask God to begin with us. Just like a house, just like the country, we too have to be restored. By allowing God to begin the restoration with us, we are a part of His first steps to changing the world. Don't stop fighting for truth to be restored. Don't stop praying for opportunities to invest in the lives of others.

Don't stop looking for ways to change and grow in your faith. If we stop growing, being stretched or even being renovated, that is when the deterioration begins. Every day is a new day to experience renovation and to have the old replaced with something God provides that is new. We will be stronger as a person, a family, a community, a church and a nation when we finally work together for the common good of TRUTH found in God. We have a long way to go, but from what I have seen in my personal life, I am reassured if God was willing to restore me, I can only imagine how much more amazing this world will be when we finally are restored to God's original plan. Take hold of the day and pray for God to continue to fight to restore this world one person at a time.

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