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46 “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’and do not do what I say?47 As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice,I will show you what they are like.48 They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.49 But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.” Luke 6:46-49

We have heard this story before, but it is in the right place at the right time for us today. Many times I think to myself, what type of foundation am I digging for in my life, for my family and for my ministry. It would really be easy to say that I am digging to hit the hardest rock I can find, but I know that there are days that I just dig until I hit something and it's ok. But it shouldn't be ok. It should not be the least of my efforts, but the best of what I have every day. The world is so easy to knock us out when we have been fighting the battles all day long and then come and give the leftovers to our families or even our personal faith journey. There are many days that the battle is real and I find myself forcing myself to do the things I need to do because I have spent so much wasted time doing things that were unnecessary. As we have talked in the past, some times we create things to do just so we don't have to dig into the things that we NEED to dig into. On those days sand is just as good, even though it is causes us to not be prepared when the storms are about to hit.

See if we look at the differences of the foundations, we are reminded that they both can hold a house. It has nothing to do with the fact if either one can hold a house. They both can. The real thing we have to ask ourselves is which one is going to last through the storms. Which foundation is prepared to weather the things that we cannot imagine that is going to attack our houses when we are not even ready. For example, how is your house doing almost 3 months into quarantine? Has anything changed? Have you been able to see that when the storms come the house shakes or has it seemed as though it has collapsed in on itself a few times because the weight of the storm has pressed on all sides. Jesus is talking about the

spiritual foundation of our personal lives and the foundations for our families. Family was really big with Jesus. We notice that he talks about it a lot in scripture, but we must realize that it is in a way to recognize who has been called to lead. Many times I have used the phrase monkey see... monkey do. And as I continue to look over the some of the decisions made by people, it is very easy to see that that phrase still holds water today. It shows the power of influence and so whatever foundation you are laying, recognize the fact that the generations to come will be building on what you are laying down.

Whatever we place as important, our future generations will deem as important for the most part. Whatever we allow to take our time becomes our god and so I need you to realize that today. If God is NOT your god and you have placed something else there to fill the void... well you need to keep digging. If you are satisfied and think that you have a good grip on your spiritual life and you are ok with where you are... you need to keep digging. If you are comfortable only getting your spiritual teaching on Sunday through a sermon or Sunday school... you need to keep digging. See that is all just the first steps that we need to take. When we hear a sermon or listen to a lesson, that needs to be the starting point that challenges us to dig deeper. We need to take the time to go study the WORD of God for ourselves and realize that if we only desire to be spoon fed then we will never move on to maturity. God's WORD is built on the ROCK. It is what we need to consume every day and realize that God is ready to speak to us every time we open the Bible. Every time we take a minute and stop to dig, God is helping us to solidify the foundation that we are building our homes on not just for today but for generations to come. So when the storms of life come after our homes and come after our families, the walls may shake but the house will not fall.

I pray that during this time we all are digging a little deeper. I pray that we are all trying to find ways to strengthen our foundations in preparation for what is to come. If COVID-19 and that civil unrest is just the start of the storms to come, are we really ready to face the battles with a solid foundation of faith. Regardless of our age or situation, we must all realize that we are in this battle together. We are ALL ONE family. When the storms come, we are all preparing to help each other in any way possible. And please hear me when I say this, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY. Just like staring ANYTHING new, it takes time to push through the points that want to cause us to stop. It will be painful because we are breaking through layers of our lives that have to change. But just like lifting weights, we have to tear down before we realize just how strong we will become when it starts to build back up. I know I write these every day to our students and families. I know that probably they never reach the

ears of those that they are intended for by my standards. BUT, I will continue to dig in hopes that the seed will ONE day be planted. I want our student ministry to be built on a solid foundation of GOD's WORD and something that will reflect the love, grace and mercy of Christ. When the storms come, we will no longer worry about tomorrow, because we have already put in the work in TODAY to face anything that comes at us. We seek to grow stronger in our faith during the times that we are separated so that we can celebrate the power of God when we are finally brought back together. My faith is build on the ROCK solid foundation of JESUS CHRIST, and I have continued to dig through the sand of the world to help others find the security in GOD. We can wake up each morning and recognize that we still have work to do because we can never dig deep enough when we have a passion for GOD. So how deep you willing to dig today? For the deeper you go today, the stronger the foundation will be for tomorrow.

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