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16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. 17 This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. 1 John 4:16-17

When is the first time that you really felt love? I mean when was the first time that you really let down your guard and allowed someone into your life. For many of us that is such a guarded question. We fail to want to let anyone in because of something that has happened in our past. We are quickly reminded that when we let down our walls and opened our hearts, we became the most vulnerable that we have ever been. But then it happened. It seemed as though this "love" was just really waiting for the opportune time to rip us to pieces. We were on cloud nine and nothing else seemed to even matter, and then a little part of our lives died and we were never the same. I just wonder what it would be like if we never lost that first experience with love... would we be a more loving person?

I think that is where we seem to really miss the point. See, love is not meant to be an emotion but a call to action. Love is meant to be experienced and expressed but we have

found a way to change the meaning of love to mean something it was never meant to mean. In it's purest definition, love is the expression of sacrifice to help others experience a connection with God. As we have been reminded many times before God is LOVE. God is the ultimate example and creator of love and love was an expression of sacrifice from the

very beginning of it's meaning. God was willing to GIVE everything in order that we could experience the fullness of God. See, allowing love to be an emotion means that we have changed it to be something that we can lose and gain at a given moment, and that has never been an option. If God had meant for His love to be an emotion, then the gift of Christ would have been cheapened to something that only matters to those who choose to accept it because it would be tied to an emotion. In reality God's love is not an option, it was given as a free gift for ANYONE and EVERYONE to receive regardless if we want to or not.

When we are finally able to realize that God's love was never meant to be an emotional decision but one that was given as a part of our connection with God, we will be able to see love in a brand new way. As we look at the scriptures today, we are able to see the realness of God. In the fullness of God... God is love. In the As we continue to grow in our love for God, we begin to see things in a totally different perspective. We begin to realize that what we see in the mirror is really not about us but about our ability to reflect the love shown to us in action to others. John is helping us to see that in these verses. Love is made complete in us because we begin to truly turn our minds from the emotions that the world's idea of love has given to us and we begin to live out in action the love that truly comes from God. We become more connected and we go beyond the barriers that we have created that make us think that love is fragile or can hurt us. But in reality, love can become our greatest strength to help show others the truth about God.

Instead of walking in fear or worry, we are able to walk in confidence because we have received the gift of God's love through Christ in all of it's fullness. We know that our eternity is secure and we are ready to live each day with the assurance that God's love wins in the end. God is not going to leave us, but continue to build on the foundation of love that opens our eyes to even more opportunities in this world. We have to stop confusing the truth about God's love and the definition of love that is expressed in the world. The world is lost and hurt

and trying to find a way to fill an emotional void with things that are themselves not solid. Instead, we need to help others see love in the way it was meant to be seen, a gift and expression of God. It still continues to blow my mind just how far we have changed God's love to try and fit in our box or our patterns. I just wish that we could start over and realize that God is the ultimate definition of love for us and that love was never meant to be lost or selective to who can receive it. It was never meant to be just for one holiday or kept in a box, but it is meant to reveal the truth of God in our lives by a Creator who LOVES His creation.

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