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Praise the Lord.

Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.

2 Let Israel rejoice in their Maker; let the people of Zion be glad in their King.

3 Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.

4 For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.

5 Let his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing for joy on their beds.

Psalm 149:1-5

As we are closing out our journey through the Psalms, I want us to know that this does not mean that we are to stop reading the Psalms. I really hope and pray that this last month has encouraged you to engage into the Psalms even more. I hope that the small pieces that we have gone through together has given you a desire to really want to dive even deeper into these hymns, prayers and poems and once again realize that we are not the only ones that have gone through these times of tribulation. BUT... we are being challenged in our faith to step into this moment of time that we cannot understand and PRAISE THE LORD. I really love that first part of the scripture today. Praise the Lord, sing unto Him a NEW SONG. As I really try to understand this meaning of a new song, it really takes me to a deeper state of my spiritual growth and it is asking me to make sure that I am choosing my words correctly to bring before God. I know that may be an interesting choice of words, but maybe we need to sing a new song because the only songs that we have been singing lately are ones of complaint, frustration and need. Instead lifting our voices up to God in praise in order that God can receive what he deserves, we are singing songs that are directed towards us and an inward desire to make our situation better than living through this time recognizing the true blessings of God that we have already received and saying thank you through a new song.

It is all in the attitude in to which we approach God. I know that may seem a little crazy... what do you mean it is in the attitude to which we approach God with our song. Well, if we are seeking something from God then the focus of our song is not God but it is us and our need. And yes I know that we all have needs, but do you honestly believe that the God of all of the universe and all of creation does not already understand our needs? I have to put my head down in the same way. There are many times that I forget what my place is in this world and what God's position is in eternity. God is not my wishing well, my genie in a bottle or my

solution when I have gotten myself in a pit so deep that I need immediate help. God is GOD. Plain and simple. God is the shepherd... God is the Beginning and the End. God is outside of all things that we know such as time and place and God is an ever present help in my time of need. WAIT... how can he not be help at one time and then be my help at another. Because it is once again with the attitude in to which we approach God. We have to stop thinking as God as human.. He is not human thank the Lord. We have to approach God with the humility of HIS authority over all. We begin by offering ALL our praise in EVERY situation and recognize that God will help us to overcome any situation when we give PRAISE to God for the being the GOD of ALL and over all.

The last 5 chapters of the Book of Psalms all begin and end in the exact same way. They all say Praise the Lord. All throughout the journey of the Psalms, we have been able to hopefully open everyone's eyes to the significance and magnitude of who God is and the worship that God deserves. I hope and pray that anyone that has read through these blogs has been able to walk out of the journey with a new refreshed spirit of hope and peace recognizing that regardless of our circumstance we serve a God who will give us strength to overcome any battle. IF, and I do say if, we are able to honor God and recognize the immense praise that God truly deserves for being God. I know our human brains always have a hard time really understanding that idea, but the honest truth was that we were created to worship God in life and guess what... for those who are in heaven after we die... guess what our eternal job will be... you got it to PRAISE GOD! So why don't we go ahead and begin practicing that now. Maybe that is what it means when we hear the phrase on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. We are able to begin to PRAISE the LORD with a new song that is ONLY about God and has NOTHING to do about us or our situation. We solely focus our praise to HIM. I mean look at how the Psalmist uses the word praise and who he calls to praise the Lord. He says all of Israel and the people of Zion. Other Psalms says everything that has breath or that is under the heaven and on the earth. Other Psalms calls for all of the angels and all of creation to Praise the Lord and how we do this is with anything from music, instruments and even dancing. So I hope that we are seeing the importance of everything that we have learned over the last 5 weeks... SIMPLY PUT PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE.

But I want to once again direct our thoughts just for a second again to the phrase with a NEW SONG. As we really look at trying to understand what that means, I need you to open your heart and mind and listen. The NEW SONG is the redemptive power that we receive when we finally grasp the full connection of God in our lives. We begin to see everything from a different perspective and we start finding joy in the sorrow. We find strength in the struggle. We find hope in the uncertainty. SINGING A NEW SONG really does come back to how we approach each day and how we approach life with God. When I was young in my faith, I really did have a passion to want to change the world for God. I really saw that God had a plan for my life and I was ready to go into hell with a water pistol to save the world. The older I got, the less passion I had to change the world in the same way. I became more

focused on the success of the ministry based on size and events. I lost some of my passion because of the attitude I had towards wanting to build MY KINGDOM on earth instead of giving God the glory for being a part of HIS KINGDOM. Then I went on a journey called a Walk to Emmaus, not willingly I might add. But it allowed me to be humbled and redirect my attitude away from me to honoring God. Don't get me wrong, the student ministry I was doing was still building disciples for the kingdom, but I was singing my praises and not recognizing the fact of how God was empowering me to do these things. Once I was humbled to the point of only being able to look up, I realized I needed to change the song. I needed to recognize that I was only created to be used by God to praise Him and help teach and equip others to do the same. When I stopped singing my song and sang to HIM, God blessed my journey in ways I cannot explain. May we all continue to yearn for this deeper passion to PRAISE THE LORD with everything and every breath that we can. PRAISE THE LORD!

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