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Updated: Jan 14

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken,let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,29 for our “God is a consuming fire.”Hebrews 12:28-29

Have you ever sat next to a campfire? Immediately, when you turn towards the fire you feel the burn. There is no doubting that you are in the presence of a heat source that causes you to instantaneously feel it. When you turn away, your back now takes the brunt of the heat. It is something that has so much power but is also so uncontrollable. We have to make a choice to either stay by the fire or move away so we no longer feel the effects. As I think about the power of God being unleashed it is similar to the illustration of the fire. The closer that we come to God, we immediately feel His power. There is no doubting that God is at work, but when we turn away, we can definitely tell an immediate difference when God is not our focus. With each step that we take away from the center of where God is, we are unable to feel the power of God's connection in our lives until it seems as though He does not exist at all. Walking away is not the purpose in which God created us for in this life. God called us to be impacted by His power found through the Holy Spirit in preparation to impact the world. Once the fire is lit in our hearts, we should allow it to totally consume us in every facet of our lives. We should be so consumed that anyone that engages with us would be able to feel the fire of God in hopes of it igniting a fire as it connects to those around us.

I just want to take the time that we need to really step into the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit first stepped into the world as the third part of the Trinity, we

were able to see the power of an ALL CONSUMING FIRE. Lives were changed and people were able to witness the power of God in a new way. As they watched the disciples' transformation to be vessels for God, everyone that was there stood in awe. They could not believe what was happening before their eyes. All they saw was God beginning to reveal the next stage of His plan. We were never going to be left alone, but God was providing a way for the entire world to encounter God on a personal level. The Church was born and the opportunity to grow and equip disciples in a family environment was revealed. The fire that was first lit with God in the beginning of creation, was now being passed on as a torch from Jesus to the ones He had poured His life into for three years. Once they were consumed by the Holy Spirit the disciples were never the same. They stepped into a new level of connection with God and we are able to see how the world was being prepared for a fire that could not be squelched.

So as we read the words of the Hebrew author, we recognize that God had already provided a foundation that could not be shaken through the life and ministry of Jesus. The foundation was solid and strong and ready to begin the building of the Kingdom of God through the formation of the church. We are a part of that strategy from God. He invited the Holy Spirit to sweep in and give us the encouragement that we need to never doubt or look back. The power of the Holy Spirit is not a candle, it is a roaring fire that is ready to impact the lives of every person that comes into contact with its power. As the early Christians stepped into this relationship, they were not perfect, but they were willing to do anything they could to help others to experience the mercy of God. This same consuming fire is with us today. We continue to feel its power when we are struggling and in need of guidance. We feel its presence when we are facing spiritual warfare and searching for answers. We feel it in the stillness of the night when prayer and discernment has led us to a point of emptiness and the power fills us to overflowing. Once we have this encounter we don't want to stop. It is more addicting than any drug and the after effects continue to lead us in a desire to go deeper and deeper with God.

We come to the altar of God with thankfulness because we have experienced the fullness of God and we realize just how much we have been missing out on because we turned away. We come with humility with our hands open wide and lifted to heaven so that we can just touch a piece of the Holy Spirits' power that will help us to withstand the test of all time. I know that so many people continue to ask me how I am able to be so excited, and I have to be honest, there are days that I struggle. There are days when I feel completely beat down and unworthy of God to even think of me, but that is when God rekindles the fire inside of me and says I am not going to leave you where you are. Just give me your heart and I will produce within you a desire to never stop growing in your faith journey. And please hear me,

it is not because it's my job... No it is because I have received just a tip of the all consuming fire and when it starts it will not stop. There is no pandemic, no power, no other authority, no physical ailment, no spiritual battle, there is NOTHING that can stop it from completely taking control of everything in me. I just want you to hear that today. I just want you to truly know that this consuming fire is real and it will continue to burn brightly in the darkness. It will continue to provide confidence to those who fall short. It will continue to allow us to draw strength when our bodies are beaten down by the world. We are receiving a kingdom that CANNOT be shaken... it can NOT be shaken, but it will continue to stoke the fire that will shine the LIGHT into the world. God is not going to stop coming after us until HE says it's finished. So stop denying Him the right to step into the moment and shine His flame that will burn away all of the mess that we have created. Our God is an ALL CONSUMING FIRE... NEVER forget that truth.

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