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20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. Philippians 3:20-21

Going back and reading through geography as a student, I remember the chapter in which we discussed the continental divide or what others would call the Great Divide, which is a mountainous and hydrological divides that divides North and South America. We are able to see mountain regions and waterways that cut all the way through Canada, the United States and Mexico and it is amazing to see how God orchestrated such a design in His master plan. For others of us when we see these words other images come to mind where we are struggling with gender and racial inequality and we are watching as 2020 is not only the year of COVID, but it is also a hear in which we are to have become "woke" to the situations that is splitting our world. Then we come down to the political chaos of today as we are preparing for the next election and if you are like me you are just sick of watching all fo the political ads on TV. We have continued to allow our world to become divided on so many levels. Finally though I wanted to really sit back and help us to really think what the actual problem is with all of this. I struggle because we scream that we want all things to be equal yet we are unable to really see the greatest divide that is in our lives and that divide is the effect of SIN in the world. The greatest divide that we will ever see is the one that totally separates us from the love of Jesus.

Many of you may be saying well here he goes again, and you are right. I really hope that many of you will truly read to the end of the blog for today because one of the things that really bothers me as a Christian is that ALL of this comes back to the fact that we live in a fallen world and we must realize that the world needs Jesus. The GREAT DIVIDE is the one that separates the people of this world for the love, grace and mercy of Jesus and we are watching as things are destroyed and we ask why? Why... because the world needs Jesus. As we are fighting battles that we cannot physically or mentally win, we have to come to the realization that this is spiritual warfare. This is evil and satan doing everything possible to destroy the spiritual foundations of this country and this world. I mean there has been no

other time in history that the church has not been a part of the solution until now. This is the first time in a pandemic or war time that the church has been removed from the equation and after 7 months we are watching what happens when we remove God from the equation. We are watching the results from people that are no longer connected by faith and so they are searching for a new cause that will help connect them with others and so we see rights and fighting for things that can only be resolved through the TRUTH of CHRIST. I don't know I really struggle because I know that there is so much pain in the world, but I know that the real solution is living and loving like Christ loved the world. I don't see color... I see God's creation and I see affliction and pain. I see people that are living in such a way that challenges the foundational beliefs of God. Yes, there is a GREAT DIVIDE and we are watching as satan is doing everything possible to distract us from what God has called us to do.

Once again Paul is writing to the people or Philippi today and is in tears for the struggle that he is watching unfold. In a few verses before today's words, he is telling us that there are people that are living as enemies of the cross. Their destiny is destruction and their god is their stomach. All they desire is to find ways to divide us and find ways to cause us to seek only ways to satisfy our own desires instead of working together for the Kingdom of God. We have to be Kingdom focused. We have to walk amongst those that are struggling and find ways to mend the fences in love and mercy. We have to stop thinking that it is all about me getting mine and find ways to help others to walk beside us as we rebuild the foundations of our country. Paul goes on to say today their mindsets is on earthly things and earthly rewards and our eyes are fixed on heaven. We are seeking to find ways to teach others about the life and sacrifice of Jesus who laid down His life to provide a bridge over the chasm that sin had built between us and God. We are made aware of the struggles that will continue to come, but that in the end God wins and we have to help others to step into that faith and truly open their eyes to the destruction that is surrounding them with the decisions they are making. Everything is under the control of Christ and once we help others to see that and help them to experience the love of God we will see things in our country truly begin to change. When we live out the model of Love God and Love Others, then we see all of the hatred turn to joy and the struggles turn to peace.

In closing today, there is a Great Divide. There is in our world a battle fo God vs evil... and yes I did mean to say God. There is such a divide over the things of this world and I, as Paul, find myself at times drawn to tears because of the pain I see happening the lives of people all around me. Hatred and pride have infiltrated our hearts and we are no longer looking out for the opportunity to seek out our neighbor. I want you to understand that I am not on any political bandstand, but I do struggle each day watching the world that I grew up in continue to allow sin to win the day. I continue to hurt because I am watching evil conquer over the good in this world and I continue to watch the DIVIDE grow wider and wider between the world and God. I know that in the Book of Revelation there are many mentions of this type of spiritual warfare that will occur when the Lamb opens the seals, but I also believe that it does not happen in one moment but over time. I believe that the hatred continues to build to overflowing because we are unable to share the love of God to a world lost and living in

darkness. I pray that we understand that we are meant to divide but in a different way. We are called to divide and conquer this world for Jesus. We are called to multiply disciples and add to and equip people who are going to become disciples. We are to subtract the ability for anyone to question our motives and allow the solution to point to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. So I ask everyone that truly reads this today to begin praying in a new way. I ask that you pray for the GREAT DIVIDE to be an opportunity for growth and not dissent. I pray that we recognize that we are able to divide our abilities in such a way that will multiply the telling of GOSPEL to every corner of the world. The GREAT DIVIDE is between our hearts and minds and I challenge us all to stop thinking that the world is winning and realize that we have been called to make a difference. We are waiting for the SAVIOR that is true... but in the mean time, we are called to reach as many people as we can for the Kingdom. And if we are able to humbly fulfill this calling, we may all be amazed at how much those lines of division may begin able to unite and connect our world with the only ONE who can save.

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