• Jason Wade


By wisdom a house is built,

and through understanding it is established;

4 through knowledge its rooms are filled

with rare and beautiful treasures.

Proverbs 24:3-4

It's really hard to believe that we are on the last 10 days of our journey through Solmon's teaching on wisdom. Reading ahead it seems that this week is definitely dedicate to working with the foundations of the family. One of the most important parts of this entire journey is related to doing everything that we can to be able to pass on our knowledge and wisdom on to our families. So I hope and pray that we are able to really dig in this week and look to find the hidden treasures in Solomon's words. Wisdom once again provides us with materials to truly build on any foundation that was created. Even if our foundation has been weakened by the struggles that we have face, knowledge and wisdom provide an opportunity for us to fortify the weak areas and provide even more opportunities to see life in a completely different way. I have always thought the house was built by brick, concrete, wood and stone, but the true reality is that the outside facade is only the protection and the covering for the real house that is being built. Just like the old children's game of here's the church, here's the steeple... the house is really not the building at all... but the people that make up the family is the real definition of our houses. The physical structure is there to provide protection but the home moves with the family inside no matter where they go. Physical houses are bought and sold every day without much connection to the family at all.

So if we see the house as the family, we look even deeper into the importance of our foundations in which we build. The physical structure of our homes become the wisdom that we build on and the life lessons and struggles that each of us face every day. Jesus speaks of this in His final life lessons from His sermon on the mount found in Matthew 7. Jesus understood and knew that the time was coming for the storms to hit and He began teaching a valuable lesson by using the knowledge they had in facing these storms. Jesus refers to

two different types of builders. The first builders built their house on the Solid Rock. Both metaphorically and figuratively, we watch as the builders of the home were willing to take the time to dig deep into the ground until they hit a solid foundation on rock. They were willing to put in the effort because they knew that when the storms came it would still attack the house and it had to be on a solid foundation to endure the storms. The same is true for the family. We have to be willing to dig deep until we are able to hit the ROCK of Jesus and begin building on the solid foundations of His Word because the storms in life come and attack us at our foundations and we may stumble but we will not fall. On the other hand the house built on sand was really built on adobe mud. The builders would do just enough to hit the mud and during the dry season it seems as though it is a solid foundation, but they are not willing to do the job all of the way. They just go deep enough to look as if they are on solid ground but when the storms come the adobe mud becomes liquified and the house falls apart. The same is true for families who are not willing to put in the work to dig deep for their spiritual foundations. If they are willing to only go half-way, the storms of life will come and completely cause the family to implode and fall apart because they have not prepared their family for the battles they will face in life.

So looking through the lens of the family being the home and building on a solid foundation of God, we can now dig a little deeper into the words Solomon is giving us for today. We are able to see that cooler heads prevail in the building of our house through wisdom. I know that the home is a constant battle ground for us and satan. One thing satan is trying to do everything in his power to destroy the home. So I know that our homes become a place where words are used that we may not mean but that is how satan infiltrates and begins to crack our foundations. I know that we must continue to practice wisdom by finding words that lift up each other than causing major anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes we are afraid to make a mistake because the consequences may be a verbal beat down. Solomon recognized the importance of family and lets us know that as we walk in reason, we are able to really pour a solid foundation that builds trust, an environment for growth, and doors that are left open for teaching and meaningful conversations. I know that the world would see the next part as something of great worldly value, but the real treasure that Solomon is talking about is our children and their ability to grow from the environment that we are providing and their ability to transform their knowledge into wisdom in their own lives. Each student that God has blessed in our family has been given unique talents and abilities, and under the right condition, they will be able to blossom into rare treasures that the world desperately needs to see in all of their fullness.

So today, I hope and pray that you take a firm look at your house. I pray that you are able to see that we all have a little work to do to fortify our families, but the most important thing that we can provide is time and wisdom. If we are willing to dig deep with our families, we will soon find that we are preparing these students for a life that is ready to take on any battle. It does not mean that they will not be shaken and question their next steps, but we have provided for them ways to begin digging their own foundations that will stand up under the storms. May we realize that the home is not the physical structure, but the

amazing treasures that live within the walls and are in desperate need of equipping with tools that will help them to step out in faith and share their God given gifts to the world. Once again, I have never said that life is going to be easy, but the sooner we are capable of recognizing that the true battle begins with the foundations that we build within our homes, the quicker we will be able to repair the cracks that may be forming in our foundations. They say home is where the heart is... and I just want to redirect our eyes to see that our hearts are our families. May God continue to open our eyes to see and our ears to hear the words of Solomon in a way that challenges and encourages us to seek wisdom which can become one of the greatest tools we have to face the battles in this world.

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