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25 I am laid low in the dust;

preserve my lifeaccording to your word.

26 I gave an account of my ways and you answered me; teach me your decrees. 27 Cause me to understand the way of your precepts, that I may meditate on your wonderful deeds. 28 My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word. Psalm 119:25-28

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible and it is found in the exact center of the Bible. I don't think that that is a coincidence. I believe that God is able to help us to understand and see the long journey that we all are on in the midst of our life. The long journey allows us to be able to walk towards God, then walk away from God, and then the opportunity to once again to choose if we want to walk back to God. It is not the easiest journey because we still want to be in control of all of the decisions that we make. We still want to find a way to feel as though we can give up some control but holding on to the the most important parts. The journey is one that will continue to have mountains and valleys. There will be days that we cannot walk another step and days that we cannot run fast enough. The journey is one that is filled with constant battles and may end up with so many questions. The true journey from life to death to eternity is one that we are battling every day. With every decision we are either moving closer to or further away from God. I know that sounds crazy but it is a reality. The journey began the first day that we were created and knit together in our mother's womb and ends with our final breath. But it is what we truly do from life to death that will determine the last journey we will take. Will it be one that is an eternity spent with God in all of His glory or is it one that will cause us to be completely separated from God for eternity?

See the whole decision is where do we want to spend eternity. If we are wanting to spend time with God then we will be called to live a life that connects with God. If we are willing to live life to the fullest now and not worry about our future than we will continue on a journey that will lead us to a place that is filled with loss and evil. Every day we are tested and asked to take steps on this journey and we are able to learn valuable lessons to help us to see more clearly the path we are to take. Yes, we can be blinded by selfish ambition and opportunities that may come to make life easier, but the question will continue to remain

what will we learn in the end. Is it the easy path or the difficult path that teaches us more about our heart and character. Do we want someone else to truly take the hard path as long as we don't have to put in the effort? The journey is one that will be filled with joy and heartache. It is a path that will be filled with opportunities to strengthen our arms and stabilize our legs and other days that will humble us to a point that we cannot even lift up our heads. This journey of life will continue to cause us to question every step but in the end we will be able to find the path that God has laid out for each of us. A journey is a life long time of spiritual testing of our faith and one that will not ever seem easy until we have taken the next step.

So I encourage you to draw strength from Psalm 119. It is an acrostic poem that includes sections that begin with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is placed in this way to show an order that God is wanting us to understand. In each section we are able to see a different part of the journey that so many followers of the faith have faced during their life. We see the foundational center to be the Word of God and the journey that we are taking allows us to apply these words as a guide on our journey. We see different parts of the journey reflected throughout the 176 verses. And yes I know that seems long, but what an amazing spiritual experience that allows us to connect with the spiritual journey of those that have gone before us. We can see the desires of their hearts, the struggles and the rejoicing. We can see that the journey home is difficult because there is so much that is pulling at our hearts and lives. The powers of this world is real and our humanity is flawed and struggles to find the strength to complete the journey. Many have fallen by the wayside because they have simply given up the fight. There are others that have cried out in desperation and God has given them the strength that they need to endure the journey. Remember in Hebrews 11, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for but certain of what we cannot see." Remember that many of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the faith thought the journey home was going to be different, but it was in the journey that they finally realized it is the end goal that mattered and that the journey was a way to mold and refine their lives.

We are all created to finish the journey. God has created us all in such a way that we are to take hold of each day of the journey as as testing of our faith. Some days we are going to pass with flying colors and other days we are going to fail miserably. It is not whether we pass or fail the daily tests.. they are a part of the final test of the journey that will lead us to eternity. As mentioned earlier, we must be willing to make that decision daily. We cannot wait until life is over and then we decide... by then it will be to late. It is NOW that we are preparing for our final journey and where we will call home for eternity. I hope and pray that you hear my voice today. I am challenging all of us, me included, to take hold of every day as

an opportunity to prepare for our journey home. Psalm 119 is a great way to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. We are not alone in this journey, but we do have to make the decision individually. I wish that I could make the decision for every person that I have met that they will end their journey in Heaven with God, but that is not my decision. I am just a person that has been called to help direct them to the path and encourage them take it one step at a time. God is waiting for us all and has prepared a place for us to spend eternity. We just have to decide which voice we are willing to follow. every day is one step closer to our eternal destination... which way are we going today? One step closer to eternity separated from God or an eternity magnifying the God of all creation. Only time will tell.

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