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10 Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, 11 for their Defender is strong;

he will take up their case against you.

Proverbs 23:10-11

As we move to the next week of Solomon's teaching on wisdom, I am so glad that we have landed on today's lesson. As we think about the boundaries that we have spoken of two weeks again, I want us to really think through the boundaries that we have put up before God. I know that there is definitely times where we have to protect and secure our personal lives and the lives of our families. But there is also a time that we must be willing to reveal the entrance to the center of our lives that we have walled off from God and from the world in order that we can experience the power of the Redeemer. Yes, this week we are beginning with a little conversation about Jesus as the Redeemer and the Defender of our lives. I think that sometimes we only focus on the lamb and forget that God is also the LION. We are so focused on the healing and the love of God and we forget that God is ready and willing to go into battle for the ones that seek Him with their whole heart. Solomon was very aware of the Redeemer and Defender of the faith. So beginning this week, I want all of us to step into the assurance that the REDEEMER of our lives is real and ready to engage into our situation.

I know that is really hard for us to grasp. So many times we are not really ready to live a life of freedom and not prepared for the choices that have to be made in order that we can be free. We are so accustomed to hiding and surrounding ourselves with walls because we feel as though that is the only way that we can survive. BUT I want to introduce you to MY REDEEMER. See, since I was 8 years old, I have made a decision to give my life and my all to the the Lord, Jesus Christ. I have been able to experience the power of God as I have faltered and failed and God has given me the strength to get up and step again. I have watched as God has went into the battle in my heart and the real battle against the world for

me. I have a REDEEMER that is willing to continue to be an ever present force in my life and even when I doubt that I can make it, there is a peace that passes over my life through the presence of the Holy Spirit. My Redeemer CANNOT be defeated by anything in this world and will never allow me to live a life of doubt and fear. My REDEEMER came and gave HIS life on the cross so that ALL boundaries between me and His love, grace and mercy would be full attainable on a daily basis. My Redeemer is my Deliverer and provides for me the freedom that I don't deserve but I live in every day. And because of His willingness to fight for my life and step into my situation, I am now a living testimony for the world to see and the world to experience the reality of God. If God is able to take a person that was broken and deserving of death like me and released me from these bonds, imagine what He is ready to do for you.

See, God is the father to the fatherless... He is the strength for the ones who find themselves weak. He is the Defender of the faith and will continue to step in and fight alongside us our battles that we just cannot overcome. Solomon understood this life lesson and used it in every decision that he made. He knew that God would be with the ones who called out His name and would be a stronghold for any battle that they would face from ANY foe. Once they were delivered from their situation of desperation, they were willing to go wherever they could and tell the story of how their Redeemer set them free. It gave them a sense of joy in the morning and allowed them to see life in a new way. See if you are able to give someone HOPE they are willing to see every situation in a new way. A battle they felt as if they could not win, when given hope, they would be willing to fight to overcome and vanquish their enemies regardless of the odds. Solomon is trying to teach us to recognize the power of those who went before us and held so tight to the foundation of THEIR REDEEMER... who is the same as OUR REDEEMER today. God has not changed and His power to overcome our situation has not changed. What has changed is the faith of God's people to believe that God is capable of delivering them from their chains. See just like HOPE can help us to overcome our battles, the loss of hope and the power of doubt causes us to completely lose trust in the ONE who is the ONLY ONE who can free us from these chains.

So let me close by once again encouraging you to take hold of my story and the power of My REDEEMER. Jesus Christ came to defend the ancient boundaries that were established in my life and in my family from past generations that poured the foundations of Christ into our lives. My Redeemer was able to take hold of my heart and infiltrate my mind and defeat the evil that had edged its' way into my life. Does that battle still exist today... Yes, and guess what, My Redeemer....My Defender... My Deliverer has never lost faith in me from the first time that He knit me together in my mother's womb. I have been given the opportunity to live life and to live it more abundantly because of the price that was paid for my life. I know that I still have a long way to go before I am perfected through Christ, but I also recognize

the power of My Redeemer to deliver my EVERY day from sin and death because of the price that was paid on the cross. A gift that is freely available to ALL of God's creation. There is a line in today's song that says, "There is no sound louder than a captive set free". WOW how powerful and truthful . When we finally are able to break free from these chains that are holding us down, we are able to live in freedom which can only be explained when you are able to experience for yourself. I can tell you the freedom that I have each day, but it truly only means something when you are able to finally let go yourself of the things that are taking hold of your life. The Redeemer is ready to step into the battle and is actually already fighting, but the only way that He will be completely victorious is when we fully release it ALL to God. God is ready to put His name on your life... we just have to be willing to let go of the battles we cannot win and let God redeem us and give us the freedom we are so seeking.

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