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13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13

Have you ever been going down the road and just gotten stuck behind this person that is going absurdly slower than everyone else? No matter what you do you cannot switch lanes and you are watching as people are going around you and you are just stuck. Finally, you see a window of hope and dash out to the other lane and all of a sudden you barely miss getting hit by another car. I know that this may sound crazy but as I was coming into work today that is almost what happened to me. I remember literally talking to the car in front of me to please go faster because I have so much to do today. Like the car could hear me, and no before you ask I did not say good morning by honking my horn. What I did do is actually stop... pray... and ask God for a moment of clarity. One reason why is because there is a reason I chose this route. There is a reason that there were things that added to me being at this exact place at this exact moment and I wanted to ask God why. As soon as I asked the question it seemed as if a data dump when into my brain. Words just started filling my head and I began to realize that God was in control... even in control of my commute taking my girls to school and back to work to write this blog.

I began to really think through the unseen gifts of God that we really do not recognize because we are so accustomed to just expecting them on a daily basis. I mean let's just go through a quick checklist about this morning. Did anyone wake up and have to tell your heart to start beating, blood to start pumping or your lungs to start breathing? Did anyone tell gravity that it needed to work a little better today or the Sun to make sure that it was in its place so the rooster could crow? Does anyone remember telling the same things to others members of your family as they were opening their eyes today or did we just assume

God was going to take care of that? Did any of us say a prayer for each person that we passed on the way to work because they too are a working miracle that God seems to have in place for an amazing purpose today? And regarding that commute, with each car that passed us, did we even stop to think about the millisecond it takes for an accident to occur? Did we thank God for His hand of protection as we went about getting frustrated because for a moment we had to pause and breathe and realize that there is a lot that God sees that we don't. I guess that is what really blows my mind some times. I know that I have a direct line to God and that is really set up for me to admit and communicate with Him, because He has already been watching and involved in every part of my day. As with billions of other people, animals, weather conditions, power grids etc... Yeah God has His hand in it all. Maybe we just don't realize the unseen truth about God because we want Him to just fit in our pockets and do what we want Him to do.

I really hope that we truly realize that today. I know that there has been times that I have had these conversations with my own children and I tell them just because mom and dad cannot see what you do.. God can. I say that not as a threat but as a reality that the God of all creation is still very active in the lives of His creation. Many believe that God just put things together and wound it up like a clock and walked away until time runs out. I need you to understand that that god is not MY GOD. My God is always working in the lives of His creation and yes sometimes bad things happen, but do you honestly believe that God is not there. As we look in scripture, bad things happen. Just like with Jesus and His friend Lazarus, this had to happen in order for the power of God to be revealed. God is not sitting in heaven and wishing ill-will towards His creation. No, God sent Jesus into the world so that we would have the opportunity to overcome the death that we deserve through the sins the we live in every day. In our Scripture for today, we recognize that the Author of Hebrews is telling us that we have a God that desires so much to be a part of our lives. He provided for us a living word that is sharper than a two-edged sword and penetrates every fiber of our being. We are seen by God every millisecond of our lives, and hopefully we recognize that what may be unseen by man is completely seen by God. Not that I am trying to put fear into your hearts, but I am trying to let you know that the God that created us and all things desires such an intimate relationship that He sees it ALL. The good and the bad. He saw our past. He sees our present, and foresees our future opportunities available in our lives.

Psalm 139 also shares this truth about the power of the unseen God. He knows us. He knit us together, and there is no where we can go that God is not with us. We cannot go to the highest mountains or the deepest part of the ocean because God is already there. Why? Why is God there and why does He care so much? Because we are ALL a part of His creation. We are ALL a part of HIS plan, and we have ALL been given the freedom to choose if we will allow Him into our lives or not. See, our brains were not created to completely fathom the fullness of God. I just know that God has had a plan from the beginning and continues to reveal it down to the micro-milli-second. I just want everyone to know that just because we

close our eyes and try to shut out the world, God's eyes are always open to protect, teach, follow, discipline and prepare to be fully invited into our story. I know that may seem like a lot that was dropped into my head this morning, but there are times that God has to remind me that He is the one controlling this world and not me. All I know is that God has given me today, and I cannot even answer if I will make it all the way through. I do know that getting stuck behind that slow paced car today gave me an insight and reminder of just how bigger the true picture of God is. I hope and pray that maybe this will help you too. I hope that if you are wondering if God is there, I can reassure you that Yes, He is. If you are wondering if you are alone, No, you are not. The unseen truth about God is that in His omnipotent and omnipresent self, God steps outside the boundaries of space and time that allows Him the possibility to see and be involved in it all. Thank you God for the reminder today. Looking forward to my next lesson tomorrow.

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