• Jason Wade


"For I am NOT ashamed of the GOSPEL, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to EVERYONE who believes; first to the Jew, then to the Gentile." Romans 1:16

One of the hardest things in life to overcome for many of us is shame. In life we carry so much baggage that the person that we see in the mirror is but a shadow of the person God truly created. We only see the scars and the pain that we have carried into our families instead of the beauty of the GOSPEL that has the power to make us WHOLE. Growing up in this technological world, I remember the importance of the term half-life. From the very first, unconnected cell phones that were not attached to my car dash or in a bag, there was a term that became very meaningful to me...half-life. Half-life was the term that referred to the memory that was created from the charging of the battery. If you did not allow the battery to completely go dead and then recharge it from it's lowest point, the battery itself would create half-life that would literally only provide half of a charge. You had potentially lost half of the life of the battery because we were just trying to figure out how to stay connected to the charge, when in reality we were creating a point that was leading to death.

The reason I bring that term up today is because I think that is how we are living our spiritual lives today. I think that we have created a point in our lives that no longer allows us to reach the full potential of the Gospel in our lives. We don't want to reach down to the point to where we are completely exhausted and there is nothing left. We just want to go just deep enough that we feel ok to allow God to deal with that point in our lives. We don't want to really get down to the points in our lives that if we would really deal with the sin and the pain that could truly give us a chance to receive FULL SALVATION. We are running our lives with these things that we don't want to let God deal with and we think that we can handle and God is saying, please, just humble yourself to the point of allowing me the opportunity to lift you up in full power. We are living a HALF-LIFE that is filled with shame... that is filled with pain.. that is filled with anger... that is filled with thoughts and experiences that we continue to oppress because if the world truly saw us for who we really are we would be ashamed to even step out of our home. We are ASHAMED!

But God doesn't want anyone to live in this state. God in all of His power has called to us to come and deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow HIM. It all begins with the fact that we stop living a HALF-LIFE and step into the fullness of God's greatest gift of GRACE. That is not easy. By taking up our crosses, yes the world is going to see our mess. By taking up our cross we are going to share with the world that we are not perfect, our families are not perfect, our churches are not perfect... and guess what... God already knows that. WE are families that are made up of imperfect people in order that a PERFECT GOD can share HIS story through our FULL LIVES. By living this spiritual half-life, we are not allowing the fullness of God to be expressed in EVERY area of our lives and this could cause us to truly lose an opportunity to share greatest gift that we have ever received.

By finally letting go and living a life that is unashamed, you actually give freedom for others to do the same. By being UNASHAMED to show the scars that you have endured through life, you will be amazed at how many other people have been dealing with the same struggles but have been terrified to take the first step. They have been desperately seeking someone to walk beside them on this journey to freedom which can only come through Salvation in Christ. Just imagine the amazing power of your life if it was living out it's fullest potential. Imagine the power of the GOSPEL in and through your life when you are 100% willing to live a life that is UNASHAMED. I know that I carry a lot of things in my life. Burdens that continue to hinder the fullest potential that God has for me. I just pray that we all in this time forgive those that have hurt us and receive forgiveness to those we have hurt. I hope we all understand that the GOD of ALL creation is waiting with arms opened wide to provide a way to get rid of the shame in our lives that is causing us to live in such a way that hinders the true power of the Gospel. It's not going to be easy. It is going to take patience, prayer and endurance, but God is ready to walk with us through any and ALL situations in our lives. Don't wait until tomorrow... Find the freedom that God has provided for ALL so that we can continue to come together and release the POWER of living a life that is UNASHAMED of the GOSPEL.

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