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1 Unless theLord builds the house,

the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. 2 In vain you rise early

and stay up late, toiling for food to eat—

for he grants sleep to those he loves.

Psalm 127:1-2

As we continue our journey through the Psalms this week, I stumbled across Psalm 127 and was amazed by the power of the first three words. UNLESS THE LORD. It really caused me to stop and think and realize the importance of the power of the phrase that I was reading. I mean it really does not matter what my plans may be or the direction that I am heading, unless the Lord is in it... it is not going to succeed or give glory to God. But how many times do we really wake up each morning and actually give that authority over to God. We still want to be in control of our decisions and our path. We feel as though we can invite God to choose to join our journey, but we really don't want to give the real authority over to God. We stand in this no man's land and wonder why the plans that look so good on paper and feel so right in our minds never come to fruition and never seem to work out the way WE planned and I encourage you to enter in the three words... UNLESS THE LORD.

I mean I don't know about you but when I really admit to myself that I am submitting my life and all authority to God, then I begin to realize unless the Lord is in the midst of all of the decisions and the direction, it does not mean that it will not succeed, but it does mean that we can truly miss the full blessing of God. In other words, I can build a house, but does it

mean that the house is going to be able to reach the fullness of God's potential? Does it mean that I may not be able to fully see everything that needs to be completed because I am only looking through my lens and not allowing God to focus my vision on HIS PLAN. I guess it really comes down to the understanding that we have on success. Is it good enough just to finish the project? Do I call it a success just because I finished all of the tasks but truly missed what the final product could be in the end? Can a failure be a success if it allows us to truly see the power of God revealed in our failure? I struggle I really do as a person that many times becomes task oriented, but there are many times in my life that I have had to step back and realize that there is no definition of success UNLESS GOD IS IN THE PLANNING.

The wisdom of Solomon is seen in these words today. We see a real illustration that as we go through this life we will continue to struggle if God is not a part of the picture. We continue to watch as time and time again, God's people were faced with the decision to invite God into their lives, but once they reached a certain comfort, they believed they no longer needed God to be a part of the picture. We watch as they continue to cycle through apathy and enslavement because they truly believe that they don't need God until they reach the ultimate point of desperation. As we continue to build our families into a foundational powerhouse for God, we too have to realize that God has to be in the equation for it to be a success. We have to take hold of the reality that if we do not put God into our families, we cannot be surprised that we will continue to live in a time of chaos and uncertainty. Families will continue to ask questions about why things are falling apart and why can we not find contentment and happiness. And the three words once again come into focus... UNLESS THE LORD. Unless we finally believe what we say when we say that the LORD is in control, we cannot just give lip service and think that God is going to bless the efforts. Solomon was very specific in getting to the root of the problem and that root was not allowing God to be in control of it all.

And trust me I understand in this world that has been dominated by a selfie-generation, we continue to look only to ourselves to solve the problems and forget to take the time we need to discern through prayer and give it over to God. We only seem to want to invite God in when we have no other solution instead of being directed by God to the solution God already has in mind. It is a battle and one that it seems like we all face and many lose each and every day. The more we continue to turn only to our own motives and fail to realize that

fruitless success we may achieve without God being in the mix, we begin to lean more on our own understanding and less on God. Three powerful words that can really cause us to totally transform our decision making process on a daily basis and through the wisdom of Solomon, I hope and pray that we take the time to present everything to God for HIS direction. Help me God not to go before you, but in everything, through prayer and petition may I lay it at your feet as a sign of humility and assurance that UNLESS THE LORD is in it, my actions will only be in vain.

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