• Jason Wade


1 I waited patiently for theLord;

he turned to me and heard my cry.

2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

3 He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.

Psalm 40:1-3

Patience is a virtue so they say. And one that is always a little antsy to get things done, patience is some times not my strong point. I mean, I want to go out and see and experience all that God has to offer and not have to slowly wait as God reveals things in His time. That is not a bad thing or a character flaw, but an act of anticipation that has been sown into my heart in preparation for what God is going to do. As I have seen many times what God can do, I live a life in anticipation to watch once again as God reveals HIS plan to the fruition. The problem is that many times there is a waiting game that is involved in order that all of the pieces that put the final picture together have to be ready as well. It is just a struggle that we live in such a fast paced society and we no longer understand the true value of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair and watching the plan of God unfold. We are a people of instant gratification and sometimes that can really get us in trouble and possibly cause us to miss the true blessing God has in store for us through the journey.

So we wait. We wait to see where the next steps will fall in the year 2020. We wait to see what the next big thing is going to be as it continues to seem as though we cannot get through 2020 fast enough in hopes of a restart in 2021. We look at the craziness of the last 6 months and we begin to shake our heads in wonder of how long do we have to truly wait. Thinking in my mind, we have not even started in the waiting process. I mean think about a few things just for a second. I mean, at the end of the Old Testament, God was silent from His people

for over 400 years. There was not anything that was prophesied, there was just the hope of what was to come and every day they would wake up hoping that their long wait was over.

Or what about where the people of God were spread all over the world after the separation of the two kingdoms and for 70 plus years they had not gathered togethers as a people as seen in Jeremiah 29. I mean we have only been at this for roughly 6 months... I think that there is still a lot more to come before the waiting game is going to be finished. God is resetting the patterns and realigning our hearts to once again turn to Him and show our patience in our struggles. God once again is pushing the pause button and encouraging us to search our hearts and recognize what we as the Church have failed to do as we move into a new norm of Christian connection. What is God telling you in the waiting?

David was always playing a waiting game with God. As he was anointed as the next king at age 16, he had to wait until he was 30 years old before that came to fruition. In doing so, he faced giants and was hunted by King Saul before he took his rightful place as King. And realize that David continued to struggle as well. He didn't have everything perfectly set before him, David struggled both physically and spiritually and made some rash decisions that cost people their lives. He suffered from an inability to wait and watched as the decisions he made in such a rash way, caused damage to his family later down the road when once again he was chased by his own son Absalom. David had a daily understanding of the struggle of waiting, but in each of the moments he continued to turn his face towards God. Even in his struggles, he continued to have confidence that God had a bigger plan for his life and his situation. He never doubted God, but continued to doubt his place in God's favor. See while we are waiting in these spiritual doldrums, it is amazing exactly what God is planning to reveal. As we are at our whits end and we believe that there is no where else we can go, God turns the tables and allows us to draw strength in Him. While we are waiting we learn new ways to live in faith and trust and how to draw strength to take the next steps even when we cannot see where we are going. It is a brand new way to live and in the waiting we are able to truly draw power.

Are you ready to live in the virtue of patience? Are you ready to take a long deep breath and say to God that I will trust you in the waiting? That even though I cannot even see how to get out of this pit, I already know that you have formulated a plan to show me the power of God. You have already began to open and close doors to help direct my path and if I am just willing to take a step back and live into your timing, I will be amazed at the glory that is about to show up in our lives. God is ready to change the song that we have been singing.

God is ready to help us to rewrite the words that have been in our hearts and minds so that

we draw even closer to Him in the waiting. So today I hope and pray that you realize that the waiting is not a death sentence. It never has been. Waiting is the time God uses to prepare for the next stage of the journey. It may be a spiritual waiting to where God may go silent in order that you truly push out everything else and listen for the still small voice. It may be a physical waiting to where God is not ready to unveil the next part of the map that will lead us where He has planned out a path. Regardless, I understand more why patience is a virtue. It stretches us fully- heart, mind and soul- and causes us to once again stop depending on ourselves and start relying on God. I will trust you in the waiting.

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