• Jason Wade


6 I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem;

they will never be silent day or night.

You who call on the Lord,

give yourselves no rest,

7 and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem

and makes her the praise of the earth.

Isaiah 62:6-7

As we continue to process this idea of REBUILDING, one of the most important things that we need to remember is that we are not alone. So many times we may think that we are fighting these battles on our own, but in reality, we have an army of others that are silently watching on the wall. Watchman were placed in very specific locations along the weakest points of the walls to protect the city from any type of enemy. They were some of the best fighters, but more importantly, they were people who were able to stay focused to their mission because they knew that other lives depended on them. It was not a job of who drew the shortest straw, but a job that was met with great honor, privilege and distinction. And so as we begin to REBUILD, the question that we need to be focusing in on is who are the people that we call upon to be on watch on our walls. Instead of thinking that we are doing this all on our own, who are the people that we ask to pray and protect our weak areas in order that we can truly manage to fulfill God's ultimate plan in our lives?

Watchmen are trusted people who are willing to guard our lives regardless of the circumstances. We definitely do not want to ask someone who is not dedicated to guard our weak spots. Why? Because as soon as something more important or trouble arises, we will find ourselves under attack and possibly destroyed. On the other side of this coin is not just

who are our watchman, but who are we watchmen for. The dedication of the watchmen is a two way street. Everyone needs to take their turn protecting those who are trying to rebuild and fortify their lives. So the question is posed to you this morning, "Who are your watchman, and who are you watching over?" The purpose of today is to realize that we are all in need of help and people to spur us on, but we are not the only people who are trying to fulfill God's calling. One of the craziest things that I found out in my ministry life is that there are people who I may never know who have been praying for me because they received my name on a prayer request that was sent out by other watchmen on the wall. They posted it out and others who see the need were willing to take up a watch and pray for God's favor or God's mercy in my life and in yours.

Isaiah is facing the same type of need that we all are facing today. He was facing an opportunity to help rebuild God's kingdom on earth after a time of unrest and division. Isaiah was called to go and help restore God's people to their rightful place, but it also meant that Isaiah needed help to rebuild confidence in him from God's people. There were people who were willing to step in and eventually give their lives to help Isaiah fulfill God's plan. Do you know someone like that? I do. I still hold true to the many men and women who are serving all across the world to protect the freedoms that we enjoy in the United States. Men and women who are guarding the walls or our weakest areas that we will never know until their lives are taken. As Isaiah is reassured by God that he is not alone, I hope and pray that we too can understand that we are not alone. We are called to do everything possible to play our part for the bigger picture of rebuilding God's kingdom on earth. The true stressful moments are the times when evil continues to whisper in your ear and makes you think that you are all alone in this life. But you are not. We are one family walking together through prayer and petition to rebuild out of the ashes of COVID and restore God's people.

So I pray that we all realize that we will take a turn or many turns on the wall as watchmen. God has gifted us all with many different gifts and talents that are to be used for HIS glory. I pray that we will take the opportunity to truly realize the opportunity that we have to be a

part of God's plan. It is never going to be easy and we have to always be on our guard, because the one time that we falter, the enemy will be ready to attack. Take hold and realize the power that we have together as a family. Realize that even if you feel as if your talents are small, they play a HUGE role in helping to REBUILD what has been torn down. Help us God to realize that You are in control and that you continue to provide for our every need. We may not see it but you are there. We may not feel it, but you continue to provide. I hope and pray that we all realize that even today we have people that are guarding our weakest areas in life through prayer. Take every chance you can to stand on the wall and protect those who are in need and may not even know that they are under attack. It starts with one faithful step to take your place. Who is ready to stand with me today?

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