• Jason Wade


For he chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. Ephesians 1:4

I remember growing up trying to figure out who Uncle Sam was. I had seen many of his pictures and posters around my elementary school and all around my home town, but I would always get him confused with Colonel Sanders. Don't laugh... Look both older men, both with white beards.... I was like 5 years old. Anyway, I have remembered all of these years the slogan that was beneath those posters. I WANT YOU. As a military kid, it was a way for the armed forces to be able to recruit men and women to join the greatest military in the world. And for a very long time it worked. There was such pride in every American and we were known for family, church and country. I guess at my age everything seemed so much simpler because I just went wherever my parents, grandparents or bike could take me. But I know that the message has stuck with me all of these years, I WANT YOU.

But as I think about the current situation that we are in with the Pandemic and the uncertainty, I am reminded that Jesus is saying the same thing. I think that in this time as we continue to live out each day, Jesus, as with the disciples, has picked us to go and be the vessel in which some people will hear the Gospel. I know that we have mentioned it before, but as I continued to get older, I really wondered why did I end up where I did. Why was I born in America and not in Israel of Germany or anywhere other than America. And my simple response is that God CHOSE me to be here. We have all been placed in this county

where we do have the freedom to profess the Gospel and to read the Bible and to openly meet in churches to profess our faith. We were a chosen generation that has been given every freedom in hopes of us taking the time and consuming God's Word for a time just like today. I mean, think about it. We have been given so many freedoms, that we take for granted the opportunity to meet together and study God's Word and now that some of that is taken away we honestly miss the connection. I think the phrase is Absence makes the heart grow fonder...well I really hope that our hearts are growing in such a way that we cannot get enough of God.

And yes I know that with all of this freedom comes responsibility. And living in this age, all of us continue to struggle with just understanding where our place truly is in this world. But listen to me when I say this... WE HAVE BEEN CHOSEN. See the Scripture reference for today. We were chosen BEFORE the creation of the world. God already knew the opportunities that were going to be at our finger tips before He even spoke Let the be LIGHT. Yes, WE were ALL CHOSEN. God looked into the vastness of the chaos and said I have chosen you to be my carrier of the Word. I have placed you in such a position to where you can grow and learn and flourish and spend time just getting to know God's plan for your life. It is not something we should ever doubt. If we are alive... God has chosen us for a purpose to go into the world and share the WORD. So please realize that you have been given the freedom of choice to accept or decline this opportunity, but also know that there are ramifications that go with either choice.

See the struggle is going to continue to get harder the longer that we wait to step into the life God has chosen us for. We will be like a fish swimming upstream to fight every day just to get back to something that seems normal. It will be constant battle, because we have gone from being a country that was founded on God, Family, Country... to a country that is built on whatever I get is mine and I don't care about the rest. The foundations are beginning to crack under the stress of the CALL. We have to hold steadfast in order that when the storm passes and people are seeking answers, we are ready to walk with them every step of the way. It's not going to be easy. The longer we find ourselves separated from the normalcy of

connection, the more we will have to realize that being chosen means that we have to choose. We have to be willing to dig deeper ourselves and come back to the original relationship that was built when God formed us. See God has NEVER chosen to leave His creation or ANY of us. We have made the choice to step into our own lives and make our own decisions and never truly rely on God until it is absolutely necessary. We are a chosen generation to step into the moment. God saw this moment from the beginning of time and knew that WE would be RIGHT HERE. Now it OUR turn to add to the history of the faith of the CHOSEN people of GOD. Are you ready?

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