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33 In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples. 34 “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? 35 It is fit neither for the soil nor for the manure pile; it is thrown out. “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” Luke 14:33-35

I know that the term "SALTY" has a totally different understanding today as it did in biblical days. The term reflects more of an attitude toward others today instead of meaning something that was used to preserve. I think about that a lot. It is all about attitude. In today's world, salty means that you have an attitude of anger, seeking retribution or bitterness. As I even talk about the term I am envisioning in my mind a person with a "sour" look on their face thinking that they have been wronged in some way. But in biblical times, the term "SALTY" meant something totally different then what we understand it to mean today.

In biblical times, the term salty was used in the context of preserving something for the long haul. See, they didn't have refrigerators, freezers or even vacuuseals. Instead, they would salt their meat in a way to pack and preserve it for long term storage. So when Jesus begins to step into the religious realm, we begin to see Jesus take on some of the foundational leaders of their day. Jesus begins to teach the we are to live in such a way that helps others to move towards a live of eternity with God. With the knowledge that we have and the information that is at our fingertips, we are to go and use God's Word to be a preservative for mankind. We have the capability to lead someone to a place in which their lives will be

preserved for eternity. Living in the kosher world, many jewish families understood the importance of tradition and reverence. Jesus stepped into this culture and reminded them of the value of the message that he and the disciples were bringing. It was not simply words that were being said to ease tensions or fall on the ground shortly after they were spoken. Jesus' words were meant to continue to drive to the heart of the matter and begin "CURING" them for the spiritual journey that lie ahead.

In our lives today, we are experiencing the same opportunity. During this time of uncertainty, we have been given the opportunity to be "CURED". In other words, we are being prepared, as were many of the meats during this time in jewish cultures, for the long haul. Our lives and journeys are going to be used to help others to open their eyes to the Gospel in a way that has never been seen. Conversations are going to be able to take place that may have NEVER taken place inside the church doors. And the real reason is because when we step into living the "SALTY" lifestyle, it means that we do need to have an attitude adjustment. We begin seeing things from a new perspective and our daily goals begin to change. We look for moments where God can step into the conversation and start realizing that some of the things that we thought were so important, really doesn't matter much in relation to reaching the world for God. For example, and please take this with a grain of salt, the grade I made on my Geography project in 10th grade when I created Wade Island with all of the different elevations and weather conditions may not help me in regards to where I end up in eternity. Now the fact that I made an A and waited to the night before and spent all night with my dad finishing the project may have been a potential situation that may have shortened my lifespan by a few years could be relevant, but let's continue.

See as we refer to the Scriptures for today, we are able to see the importance of Jesus telling us not to step away from our faith. We cannot be willing to live one way at church or around church people and another way at home. We begin confusing reality with the false reality that we have created. As we listened to these words, we are reminded of two very important concepts again. First, we must be willing to give all of ourselves to God as we continue to move forward in our journey: heart, mind, soul and strength. Secondly, we have to eventually humble ourselves enough to open our ears and listen and accept the truth. Sometimes that is two very hard steps to take. But when we come alive with Christ in our lives, I really don't believe that ANY of us would want to go back into that old lifestyle and thus "LOSE" our

"SALTINESS". In other words, to once be enlightened by God's grace, love and mercy and then turn around and put it on a shelf and say ok I'm good and I really don't need God anymore. When we lose this passion and desire to continue to grow in our faith, and when we step into the apathy realm, we must ALL be careful that we are not beginning to lose our salty attitude. It is like when you are at the beach and you have taken in too much salt, your body desperately wants to consume water. In our spiritual lives the same is true. When we become "SALTY" for the Gospel, our lives begin to crave more of the HOLY WATER and seek opportunities to help others find their attitude of saltiness as well. We have been sent, like salt, to go and preserve the world with the GOSPEL. We are the hands and feet of God and once all the salt is all gone then there will be nothing left to help CURE the world.

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