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105 Your word is a lamp for my feet,

a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

I really remember being afraid of the dark. I remember as a child, staying at the bottom of the hill with my grandparents, and my parents calling me and telling me that I needed to come home. Living in the mountains it was pitch dark and I remember that I would psyche myself up and run as fast I could to get to my house. Not a bad way to train myself to get faster. The only light that was leading me was the light at the end of my driveway and I knew that the closer that I got, the more the light continued to reveal. My mom would always ask me why I was so out of breath, and I just told her it was because I couldn't wait to get home. But it really did make an impact on my life and even to this day, when I find myself in the pitch dark, I draw strength from now knowing that everything is going be ok because the Light has guided my path.

What is it for you? What lights your path when you are scared or struggling? What do you run towards when you have no clue what dangers may be around you? There are different things that we all have in our lives that give us comfort. For some, it is a weighted blanket that makes you feel as though you are safe and sound. For others, it may be someone's voice that when you hear it you know that everything is going to be ok. Yet for others, it may be

the fact that they have infused into their lives God's Word and with every situation that may arise, God's Word is there to light their path. Please listen and recognize that I am not saying that because I am a minister and I want to make sure that we are all seeking answers from God's Word. Now, I do believe that, but what I am saying is that so many times we look to things of this world that will eventually let us down. We don't turn to God's Words to be the LIGHT that helps us to see more and more as we run closer and closer to the Light. Just like me running up the hill, the closer I got to the LIGHT, the more the path I could see and the more comfort I felt. When we use God's Word as the LIGHT for our path, the closer and closer we come to God, more is revealed about the power and nature of God, and we begin to draw comfort in any situation. It lights our path because it is part of the LIGHT for the world.

As we look at Ezra's words for today, they are pretty simple and powerful. They continue to drive us to see things in a new perspective. Ezra was trying to help the Israelites to see the importance that God's Word had been in every decision that they made. It was not something that was just a flash in the pan, but a tool that was to be used in every step of their faith, and the more they dug into the WORD, the brighter the path was illuminated. The more that they were willing to truly study and live out God's Word, the more they were able to recognize the path that God was leading them down. I know for many of us we have a pretty good understanding of the direction that God is calling us to walk down. The problem comes when we are at the crossroads. When we have come to a place where we meet ourselves and recognize that one way may lead to God's path and the other to destruction. So many times we are just aimlessly running in the darkness without even noticing that we may be lost with no intention of being found. There were tons of times that this could be seen in the life go God's people. We see it in the wilderness wanderings and the many years to which they fell into captivity because of their lack of faith and trust in God. We see it when God's people made poor choices and it literally cost them not just their lives, but the lives of every person in the family. None of us are incapable of stepping off God's path and stepping into the darkness. It is finding our way back to God's path that is difficult and God's Word helps to provide the LIGHT we need.

So our challenge for today is to first discern which path that we are own. Are we on a path that is being illuminated and directed by God or the world? Are we in a place where we are constantly running towards the LIGHT in order that God is able to reveal so much more to us? Are we lost in the darkness and cannot see the path at all because the Light is so dim

and distant from us? These questions are only the beginning of our journey today. It is a journey that I hope and pray will lead to us all confidently saying that God's Word is the

LAMP unto our feet and the LIGHT on my path. God's Word is the one thing that I stand on and am in need of helping me to enlighten not only the path, but every single step that I take. Whether it is in our present, past or future, God's Word continues to reign supreme and will allow us to see more and more with each step we take. I know I have said that multiple times today, but we really need to STEP into that truth. The closer we come to God, the more that is revealed to us. The further away we go, the harder it is to see the path. May God's Word during this Lenten journey inspire us with a new hunger once Easter arrives. May it give us a new perspective on where we stand and a direction for next steps of where we should go. Thank you God for being the LIGHT on my journey. Help me to show others the importance of YOUR WORD in their life. Father, Here I am. What can I do for YOU today? Amen.

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