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30 As for God, his way is perfect:

The Lord’s word is flawless;

he shields all who take refuge in him. Psalm 18:30

There are very few things that I have ever seen that can be considered flawless. I remember going and shopping for my wife's wedding ring right here in Savannah at Levy Jewelers. I remember not really knowing what I was looking for, but I remember walking in and them asking me what I wanted and I said I want the best, most perfect, and flawless ring that you have in the store. And they quickly went to the back room and came out with a ring that I was like this is perfect. How much does it cost? After picking myself off of the floor, I was then educated in the way that diamond rings work as it comes to choosing a ring based on color, clarity, curt and carat. If I was wanting to pay for the perfect and flawless diamond, I was quickly reminded that it would definitely come at a very high cost. I say that today, because I am really wondering what that looks like when it comes to our Lenten journey for this Easter. What is the cost that we are willing to pay to be flawless in the eyes of God. Now I know that we will not be perfect until we are sanctified through the blood of Christ, but what was our intentional destination or end goal result of this journey? Did we only have a desire to be just good enough or did we really want God to come into our lives and gut out the old and sin-filled areas in order that we could be renewed, refreshed and seen flawless in the eyes of God?

As we conclude our journey today with First Word, Last Word, God's Word, I want us all to take a minute and recognize the wholeness of God's Word. As I have said many times, the Bible is God's Holy Word that was written by and Infallible God through fallible people. Just because the container is not perfect, it does not mean that the message is tainted. As I looked at the many different types of diamonds, I could see that there many different cuts, colors, carats, and under the microscope I could see the differences in clarity, but it did not stop them from being a diamond. And please listen, I am not going into a debate today

about which version of the Bible is more accurate and which is an abomination of the truth. I am speaking in terms of all of recognizing the flawless nature of God's Word. As it has been spoken by the CREATOR of all things, it was given to us as a gift and roadmap to help us to recognize where we are on our spiritual journey. It is meant to be used to equip and encourage us that we are going to make mistakes, as did many Christ followers that went before us, but we are given an opportunity to see how a perfect God was able to right the ship and stir the multitudes through the sin filled waters of this world. As I have said many times in this blog, we are definitely not perfect, but it does not mean that we cannot seek perfection through the grace of a perfect God. We have been given this life as an opportunity to learn and grow in hopes of applying God's Word in our lives and helping to lead others to do the same. Yes, we are definitely not flawless, but just like the almost flawless diamond I saw as a young naive college student, if you are looking to be flawless, it comes at a high price, and that price is our heart, mind, soul and strength. That price is everything of who we are and understand it has already been paid in full through the blood of Christ. We just have to be willing to receive it at face value.

As we look at the words given to us by David, I want us to read them again. David wrote, "30 As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him." These words should be able to give hope to the hopeless. David's words should be able to give strength to the weary, peace from the chaos and comfort for those who need healing. David has personally experienced the power of God's Word through his life as he was hiding for his life in the caves from King Saul. David understands the grace of God through his poor decisions with Bathsheba and Uriah. David was anointed by God and still made bad decisions that cost others their lives and David to realize the poor decisions that came from being attached to the world. Still, God fulfilled His promise and Jesus came from the lineage of David. Still God was able to tell us the story of grace and redemption through the failures of mankind, and continues to lead us through our personal journey, each day, to grow stronger through the application of His Word in our lives. I know that this journey has not been easy, and I know that many of us have fallen away at different stages of this Lenten journey, but it still does not deny or deflect the amazing power of God's perfected Word. Please hear me. These last 6 weeks have really challenged us all to recognize the importance of making God's Word the foundational truth that we stand on each day. If we are able to apply God's Word first to our situations, we will begin to see how our lives will be different and how our actions are meant to help transform the world. We have to stop thinking only about ourselves and realizing the mighty power that we have, through God's Word, to be an agent of change for eternity.

I just hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, some of my words were able to inspire you to step in a little more to God's Word. Each day this blog is not intended to make you desire to hear more from me. This blog is intended to inspire you to have a stronger desire to engage with God and His Word in such a way that you will continue to be different every day. My intentions is to help to open the Word up to you in such a way that you see it in a new, fresh

way each day that can be easily applied in your life. I hope and pray that I will continue to challenge you and that we can have more conversations about why God's Word says what it

says and how that can change our way of thinking in such a way that helps us to connect others to the VINE. I know that for many of you this blog is a hit or miss each day. I know that I do not do justice to the Word of God in my interpretations. On a clarity scale, I know that some times I may be a a shallow cut, G, VS2, with a .5 carat rating. But I want you to know that the words that I am given, are not my own. As the scripture says, they come from God's inspiration in my life and through my relationship with Christ. I am not meant to be perfect, but I am meant to continue to move towards perfection in Christ and one of the only ways that I can do that is to infuse the FLAWLESS Word of God into my heart each day. I just want to continue to challenge us all to take a real hard look at our lives and see where we really want to end up. What is the end goal? What are we allowing to direct our path and control our actions. I hope and pray that we ALL choose God's Holy Word to continue to be a lamp unto our feet and a LIGHT unto our path. Father, Here I am. What can I do for You today? Amen.

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