• Jason Wade


18 “Forget the former things;

do not dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:18-19

As we are continuing to walk through a new year, I hope and pray that we all stopped and prayed for the direction of our country. I know that there are things that will continue to go down in history, but realize that we are still in a part of this chaos wilderness and God is ready and prepared to lead us out. We have been walking so far into the wilderness that we feel as though there may never be a way to start walking out, but God is always there to provide a way. We just have to be willing to see it and take a step of faith and walk through it. The world was born out of chaos and so we must all recognize the fact that the world will remain in chaos until ultimate authority is once again returned to God. We cannot truly put our faith in men or women, because all of us are corrupted by the evils of this world. We cannot think that things are going to get better if we are not willing to take part in helping to right the ship and get involved. The first way that God provides a way out of the chaos is through prayer. Multiple times in the scriptures, you see that before Jesus made a decision or before He spoke before people, Jesus would withdraw Himself to a quiet place and pray. So understand that is also what God is calling us to do.. take a few steps away from the world and find a place and spend time in prayer and discernment with God. Next, God is always ready to step into the situation. Even though there are times that God could use His authority and step into our lives, God has given us the gifts of choice and reason. We have the chance to invite God into our situation and the ability to reason and realize that we cannot do this on our own. Finally, God has also provided a way out of the burden of sin by providing GRACE, LOVE and MERCY through Jesus Christ. God saw the path we took His creation, and God realized that He had to provide a distinct path that would lead us back to Him.

You may be asking, "Why in the world are you giving us this threefold strategy plan from God?" Well, it is so that we can apply this strategy to our lives and situations and realize that God has always made a way for us. We are ALL so bull headed to believe that we don't need help or we honestly fail to believe that there is a way out. We end up finding ourselves holding on to a rock on the side of a cliff and crying out to God before we realize that we need help. Stop being so prideful and realize that God is there to help. Stop thinking that you really can handle it all on your own and step back and take time to pray through every situation. The answer of how to survive is right in front of us, we have just gotten so lazy that we don't want to put on the effort to spend time to read through God's Instructions (the

Bible). We all want the cliff note version and we want the answers without putting in the effort to seek and find. I think that is really where this entire world has lost its focus. I think that we rely more on the internet for answers then going in and honestly doing research for ourselves. We just take everything for face value and we wonder why this generation is so lost and confused in what pathway to real truth looks like. They are not going to waste their time searching for the truth... they just want to find the quickest answer that allows them to move on. It does not matter if it truly is right or wrong. One of my former youth and friend use to say this all of the time. He said, "Say anything with confidence and people will believe you... even if it is wrong." And to be honest, I really believe that statement marks some of the thin spiritual foundations this generation is resting on for their truth.

Isaiah is once again preparing us to see what we cannot see. In his words today, we are once again watching as God's people continue to fall into the same traps. They are not trying to change their mindsets or their thought processes, but the one thing that they have learned is if they cry out to God and He shows them favor they will be freed from captivity. But what they fail to realize is that they must make a change in their thoughts and actions or they will NEVER find the path that leads back to God's ultimate favor. The same is true with us today. We cannot expect that things will change unless we are able to truly infuse GOD into the situation. Politics, Education, Poverty, Racism, and so much more will continue to be a point of debate and frustration until we allow God to have the ultimate authority and realize that we too have to be a part of the solution. We have to take time to truly educate and equip this current generation on the mistakes that we are making in hopes that they will be able to not repeat our historical failures. If we are able to finally humble ourselves, admit that we have been wrong in so many ways and get down on our knees and earnestly pray, we may actually find the direction that God has been trying to lead us. The LIGHT has come to help direct our path, but we are so far off course that the brightest LIGHT in all of the universe is about the size of a pin head. The WAY to get out of this wilderness is there. We just have to be willing to stop walking deeper into the wilderness and begin following the LIGHT that will eventually bring us out.

I know that the past few days have been rough to watch and walk through in our country. I know that it seems that lines are being drawn in the sand and people are once again trying to pick sides that they think will lead them to prosperity. But the one thing that I will always base my life on is that if we leave GOD, the WAYMAKER, out the equation, we will continue to walk in circles and find ourselves no better off than when we began. Stop seeing things from the worlds perspective and start follow the pattern that God gave us to get out of the wilderness and back on solid ground. 1. Pray... 2. Step in... 3. Follow Jesus. If we are able to

do these things well, we will begin to recognize that the world will begin to change. We will be able to see the LIGHT at the end of the darkness and we will feel the comfort of God walking with us every step of the way. God is ready to do a new thing. Are we ready to walk with Him and experience the life giving opportunities that can change the world. From a way in the wilderness to a water in the wastelands, God is showing through Isaiah that there is something more and different out there that is waiting to be revealed. We must be willing to allow God, through us, to show it to the world. The path is not easy, but the rewards are so amazing. Where there is a GOD there is ALWAYS a WAY! Let's GO!!!

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