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3 Blessed be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

My sermon yesterday was over the understanding that we are blessed. We are. Because of the God of all creation is blessed and has lavished His blessing on us from the beginning of time, we are blessed. The Greek word that is used in three different forms is the word eulogeo which means "Good Word Declared." As I said yesterday, we all have heard this word in a different format, eulogy. When we declare the good words over those who have gone before us into eternity. We see this as a deeper understanding of what it means to be IN CHRIST. God the blessed one that created all things, has poured out His spiritual blessing on us. And that singular blessing that God has poured out on us is what? JESUS. That is right, the God of all creation has given us the one blessing that we need to solve every area of our lives. As I also said yesterday, that sounds like the Sunday school or biblical answer. And you are right. It is, because the Bible is all about God, the Blessed, professing a blessing on us and that blessing is in the form of Jesus. That is the plainest way that I could ever express and describe the blessing that God bestowed upon each and every person that has been created by Him.

Also, please realize that every other blessing that we experience comes from Jesus. Peter wrote in 2 Peter 1:3, "His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." God has given us the answer to every situation that we need and it is in the form of Jesus. It started in Genesis when God professed His first blessing on humanity and it has continued to be

passed down to every generation that has followed. We have been given the GOOD NEWS and His name is JESUS. Steven Manly used a story to explain how we see God as a store clerk. If we are in need of love, we go to the counter and ask God for some love. We expect God to go into the back room, pull down a jar of love and bring us back a quick fix pill that will help us to experience love. We take the pill and immediately feel God's love. We leave the store and we realize that it was not love that we were seeking but joy. So we turn around and go back and ask God to give us joy. Our expectation is that God would go back in the back and pull down the jar filled with joy and give us a quick fix of a pill filled with joy. When we take the pill, we immediately feel God's joy and leave. And the cycle continues. But God is not a store clerk. That is not how God works. God has provided for us the answer to every situation that we could possibly fathom but it is singular in nature and is only derived from God. We cannot earn it, but it is given to us through God's blessedness. So if we need love. God gives us Jesus and Jesus becomes love to us. If we need Joy. God gives us Jesus and Jesus becomes our joy. Whatever it is that we need, God inserts Jesus into the picture and that is the blessing that we encounter each and every day.

For those that have not been a part of our series, Paul is not just writing this letter to the church at Ephesus. In fact, many different versions never say Ephesus at all but it was meant to be a letter that was passed around to all the believers that were in need of encouragement. Paul wrote this letter to remind all of us that we are defined by the fact that we are IN CHRIST. As Christians, we have accepted Jesus to be in our Lord and Savior and with that comes a calling to continue to pursue godliness. We are not alone. We are not by ourselves, but we are continuing to live in such a way that exemplifies Christ to the world. So, yes it is difficult for people who are not saved to understand the message that Paul is writing to us. Yes, it is difficult to experience the blessing of Christ if you don't know who Christ is in the first place. There is a distinction between the saved and unsaved, and the blessing that God has given to us, causes us to be completely transformed in every area of our lives. We are called to receive the blessing but also to be so filled with the blessing from God that all we can do is turn around and with every breath give our praises back to God. We are called to give our eulogy back to God. We are to speak Good Words Declaring the awesomeness of God. Paul is writing to us and sharing his theological basis for how we are to live out each and every second of our lives. The Blessed Father is sitting on His throne and giving to us a blessing that is THE BLESSING of Jesus.

So I just want all of us to fathom the following questions for today. What if we honestly believed, wholeheartedly, that EVERYTHING God wants for us is found in one place? If we believe the first question, then if God gives us everything we need in Jesus, why would we not forsake everything else in the pursuit of that one thing? Finally, what would our world,

our country, our state, our family, YOU... what would it actually look like if we got so wrapped up in the pursuit of Jesus and in living out God's blessing to us IN CHRIST? I 'm sorry for those yesterday who were there and this seems likes a replay, but I honestly believe that I was meant to send this out again today in hopes of helping us all realize that WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED. We have been blessed by the ONE who is blessed, God. My hope would be that this would inspire us all to pursue God with everything that we are. I would pray that it would give us hope beyond hope and help us to realize the power of Paul's words as they are applied to our lives. One single verse that describes the mercy filled quality of God who is blessed, gives us the blessing, and that singular blessing is able to be lived out in so many different aspects of our lives. May we all continue to pursue God's professed blessing for our lives and may it allow us to impact the world with great thanksgiving and praise. EVERYTHING is found in Jesus Christ, and we are blessed because we are redeemed IN CHRIST alone.

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